Saturday, December 30, 2006

Sam Recovery Day 2

Hubby decided to sleep downstairs on the aero bed with Sam while I slept upstairs with the other dogs and had the baby monitor on. Ok, the baby monitor does work pretty well, and caught him whining at midnight. I went down to check and we decided to take him out. No pee yet.

We slept through the rest of the night without incident. I got up at 6am when the dogs wanted out and fed. Since Sam and hubby were both asleep, I let them sleep and we all went back to bed.

Woke up, and there was Sam, laying in his crate smiling as usual. Woke hubby up and Sam was raring to go outside, so we took him out. No pee. I don’t think its a matter of not being able to go, he just doesn’t have to go, since his bladder doesn’t feel full, plus he’s more interested in sniffing. He’s using his back legs better, and for short periods while he leans on my leg he is able to support himself on his back legs, good sign.

I gave him his antibiotics and pain pills, but decided to hold off on the sedation to see if he would be calm without them in the crate. Feeding. The little brat, he’ll lick a bit of dog food out of the bowl, then turn his nose up. Hubby got a can of tuna and put some of the tuna water in the food, which he licked excitedly, but got to the food and stopped. Hubby fed him the can of tuna, which he inhaled. He’s such a brat.

Temperature again was 101.5, very good.

We’re mildly concerned about the lack of pee, just wishing the brat would pee when we took him out. He was restless down there while hubby was sitting with him, so hubby came upstairs to leave him alone in case his presence was causing him to want to be out of the crate. I do know that when I was visiting with him last night that he would whine and complain until I started scratching him, then he’d lay down. If I stopped, he’d wake up and complain until I started scratching him again. He’s such a high maintenance patient, and spoiled.


We heard him woo in the baby monitor, so we went down, he’s all rambunctious, which means I’ll probably have to give him Ace at lunch to keep him from being all rambunctious. We took him into the yard, to his normal pee spot, where he stood, a bit lopsided and sniffed the air. Then he mosied over to a tree, sort of leaned and let fly with a good pee. We did the pee happy dance and brought him back inside. He’s currently whining in his crate, I’m sure he’s now bored and wants attention, because when we’re down there and petting him, he’s fine.

Sam is a butthead. He wants attention, he wants out of the crate, he’s whining when we aren’t there, and sitting there when we are, but he wants out of that crate. Um, no. At lunch, if we can figure out what he’ll eat, the spoiled little baby, I’m giving him an Ace pill to calm him down.

He, of course, wouldn’t touch the dog food, but he wolfed down some cut up turkey lunch meat. He got his Ace pill, and we spent some time with him then left him alone.

He started whining pretty loudly, so we took him out again, and as we suspected, he had a MAJOR pee. Good stream and everything. Since we had him out of the crate, I cut away at the hot spot near his butt to give it some air. It probably should be shaved down, but we don’t have clippers, so cutting away as much as I could was the best we could do. I may go out and buy some clippers later if it doesn’t look like its healing. Tonight maybe I’ll do some warm wash cloths on it to get the hair from it and do more clipping, but right now the Ace hasn’t kicked in, so he’s still a bit active. Hubby and he are down there watching that horrible “Battlestar Earth” film. Its like a car wreck, you get trapped watching it.

Meeshka and Loki are still pouting because they can’t go down there. Meeshka is laying in a crate so she can supervise him and watch over him. Loki has decided that he’s king of the deck and lays on it looking very regal. They did manage to knock over the baby gate at the top of the stairs and make a break for the downstairs, but I intercepted them. They were surprised that ANOTHER baby gate blocked the bottom of the stairs, foiling their plans. Loki refused to walk up on his own and had to be carried up.

Gosh, this recovery thing is boring. We’re both tiptoeing around the house trying not to make noise, which is a good excuse for me NOT to do laundry or dishes. Its very stressful still, as we want him to rest as much as possible, concerned about his recovery, and trying to keep Meeshka and Loki from bothering him. The both of them are currently asleep on the deck, which makes me feel bad that they’re outside (seeing how they are spoiled rotten house huskies) but apparently look very comfortable out there napping. To drive me further insane, Meeshka is laying with her back right on the very edge of the deck stairs, and now I’m afraid she’ll wake up and topple down the stairs. Cuz I’m paranoid like that now. Its about time for their usual play time, which consists of me standing in the yard while they chase each other. They haven’t been that active since the incident, since Sam was the usual chaser, and I make a very poor substitute.

After feeding Meeshka and Loki, we went down and made a huge production of opening a pouch of dog food, pouring some into a human desert bowl, pretending to eat some of it, then offering it to Sam and he ate it down nicely. All but three small pieces were left. He drank 2 small bowls of water (about half cup each bowl), took his meds, and his temp is 101.4. We put him back in the crate so he could percolate for a bit and work up a pee and maybe even a poo. We’ll have to get more of that pouch food for tomorrow as I think that was our last one.

Sam is still sacked out. He’s so sacked out that I went down to make sure he’s still breathing. He is, he opened his eyes when I lay in front of the crate, then fell back to sleep as I stroked his head. He has no intention of waking up, so we’ll just let him sleep until he does wake up.

Sam finally woke up so we took him out. The crate is the right size for him, but he’s so leggy that when we take him out of the crate, his back rubs against the top of the crate, thus causing us to freak out. We noticed that the side entrance has a bit more room, but still its a close fit, so we’ll be taking him out of the side from now on.

No pee or poo, he was too interested in trying to speed demon himself around the yard. He showed some interest, but he also showed more interest in trying to motor himself all over the place, so we brought him in, treated him with a kong bone with peanut butter in it, which he loved, and I had to hold because he’s a stand up chewer. Sigh. He drank some more water, and now he’s sitting around after his hours long nap.

I’m assuming the sedation is wearing off, so it’ll be a long night. Lesson learned... use the sedation morning and night, and he needs the sedation in order to mellow out.