Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sam's Recovery Day 17: 14 January 2007

I didn’t have the heart to wake anyone up, and even Sam just looked at me when I came downstairs and went right back to sleep, so when in Rome... I dozed off on the aero bed.

Mr. Sam had to pee, so up to get hubby, let the other pups out, let them in, got Sam and out we went for a river of pee. He was very happy. Hubby was incoherent. Sam got a drink of water, and then went to his crate and went right back to sleep.

Sammy woke up, and wanted to go out, so back out we all go after rousting hubby, pups, etc, etc. I’m getting pretty good at coordinating the comings and goings of dogs and humans without help from coffee. After a good pee, a very thorough sniffing of the ground, and some walking, we came back in. I opted for the A/D gruel today, and he actually ate almost all of it with minimum food bowl bonking with his nose. Meds down his throat and some quality time, then back in the crate for his usual morning complaining. I gave him 2 regular sized cookies, and then the big mondo peanut butter bone cookie, and he ate those right down. I figure the pred is working its magic. He’s very angry, and will calm down when I’m laying on the aero bed, but gets all bent out of shape when I leave. As much as I would like to spend the next 6 weeks on the aero bed, its just not possible with that whole job thing. I’m also trying to finish up the piles and piles of laundry that has piled and piled up since this whole thing started, so he gets angry when I go down there to move stuff from washer to dryer.

Loki gets very angry when Sam paws at his crate liner and starts barking, which is annoying on frayed nerves.

Sam refuses to settle down. I did give him Ace didn’t I? I just have to assume that the little brat is feeling way much better after the new pills, and is now turning back into holy husky terror pup.

While massaging him this morning, I can feel how much weight and muscle mass the poor thing has lost. I don’t mind that he’s eaten three big cookies, two small cookies and the A/D this morning. I’ll feed him whatever he wants to eat, which is what we were advised to do. I just feel bad that he’s now so miserable in his crate.

I’m now downstairs with my powerbook with him, hoping that just being close to him will settle him down. He’s scraped his sheepskin cushy all over the crate and is panting really hard, all upset over what is going on. He’s now eating the cookies, he tried to cover with the sheepskin.

After him continuing to scream for a bit, I finally let him out of the crate. He drank a lot of water, then quickly settled down and fell asleep on the floor. He just wanted out, and some company. Its the weekend, so I’ll give him all the company he needs for now.

Hubby came down to watch his college class video for an assignment. Meeshka and Loki were not thrilled that they were left out of the family gathering though. Sam curled up on our stack of coats in a corner and was fast asleep for the two hours that I was down there. Hubby fell asleep through most of the boring college course video.

I managed to go upstairs and sneak a croissant. Costco croissants in our house are coveted by the dogs. They sit ever so pretty for a few bites, and I end up eating half of one, giving the rest to the dogs and wondering why I’m still hungry. I managed to get one out of the kitchen and downstairs without Meeshka or Loki finding out. Sam, on the other hand, was drooling, so I shared it with him. Since he ate that so readily, I figured why not try some kibble. He went through half a bowl of kibble (5 pieces at a time from the floor), then about a handful more when I went up to replenish. Today is probably the most he’s eaten since he’s gotten back, what with three large dog cookies, 2 small dog cookies, gruel, now a bunch of croissant and kibble.

Even though he was all comfy on the pile of jackets, we took him out. He peed a river and rewarded us with another massive poo. It doesn’t seem like he’s eating a whole lot, but the boy sure can poo a lot. We figure that’s probably why he was so anxious in the crate, as we brought him back in, let him drink some water, then he tried to curl up back on the coats again (poor thing), and we felt like schmucks for making him go into his crate. He complained a bit, and scratched, but Loki barked at him to shut up (that’s what it sounds like to me), and now he seems to be asleep.

The massive pile of laundry is almost done, folded and ready to be put away. I managed to do some other housework things, and ate the sesame chicken that we didn’t eat on friday when we got the call about the bloodwork being wonky.

There may be a crisis brewing... Sam is awake, but both of his slings are in the dryer. Ok, not too much of a crisis, since he’s not suppose to go out for a half hour, they should be dry by then. Since he’s doing very well today, had a poo, slept some, got some comfy time out of the crate, just thought I’d make a crisis, since I didn’t want any other type of crisis.

Sam went out and did his usual walk. He’s getting better at walking except when he tries to walk too fast, then the right leg goes a little spastic. We came in, and he actually wanted food. I made the usual gruel mix, but also cut circles of the beef/rice roll. When I brought the food down, he went right for a slice of the beef/rice and took it to eat under the coffee table. Apparently he doesn’t like the little pieces, but prefers the larger pieces to chew on. He ate three circles of the stuff, which is pretty substantial. While he was lounging on a jacket, I pilled him, and actually having him laying down, he took the pills much easier, hardly any trouble at all. He’s now sleeping with his head under the coffee table. We thought we’d give him more out of crate time as long as he just layed and slept. He seems much more comfortable out of the crate, and as long as he’s not trying to climb on the couch or wander around, we figured why not. Thank goodness for wireless internet.

One note for recovery humans is that you need to stock up on easy to make foods. Your routine will be totally filled with either paying attention to your other animals or family, doing your normal chores, and quadruple your time with the recovering dog. This means very little time for slapping together a quick meal, except for those you can slap into an oven and just wait for it to cook. Tonight we’re having Pepperidge Farm pot pies. We’ve spent quite a few bucks on delivery food, which really adds up fast (especially if you have a whopping huge vet bill to deal with later on).

Hubby has tomorrow off, I will be working from home in the morning and have to go out in the afternoon. We’ll continue doing our normal routine with him to make sure that he’s fine while we’re gone.

Sam was sleeping so peacefully and happy under the coffee table with me. Hubby announced that the pot pies were ready and we woke him up and gave him a drink of water. He knew what was coming next and tried to make a dive for the comfy jacket again, but we helped him walk over to the crate. He is certainly not one happy camper at the moment. Am I spoiling him for letting him sleep outside the crate while I’m there. Does he think he did something wrong to be locked up in there all the time (even though we NEVER use crates as punishment, he’s got to be wondering). This is what sucks the life blood from you, being strong, knowing that what you are doing is for his own good, but hating yourself for doing it.

We're calling it an early night, taking out poor Sam and going to bed semi early. I hope he sleeps well tonight having me down there. I'd like to let him sleep outside of the crate if I knew he would just sleep, but knowing Sam, I'd wake up, he'd be sitting on the couch with the remote control and snacking on chips or something. Its for his own good. Its for his own good... sigh.