Monday, January 15, 2007

Sam's Recovery Day 18: 15 January 2007

The fun never ends, does it?

Sam woke up at midnight, but I convinced him that it would be best that he went back to sleep... and he did. I actually had to wake him up at 8:30am this morning (and nearly freaked because he was sleeping so soundly). Went up to let the other pups out and found that hubby had been throwing up all night and was sick. Oh... great! I’m solo with Sammy today.

Let the pups in, managed to carry Sammy up the three back stairs with no problem and we had a good walk and a very, very, long good pee. Well, we didn’t have a long pee, but Sam did. He was very happy and chipper this morning. He wasn’t very chipper going back into his crate while I went back upstairs and made the pups their morning food, then chopped up his beef log thing. Came back downstairs and let him out again. He seemed hesitant to come out, thinking it was a trick of some kind. I finally enticed him out of the crate with the beef stick chunks, which he ate a good portion of, then let him lounge for a bit before attempting the great pilling by myself. Initially he wouldn’t cooperate, but I managed, then gave him some kibble bits, which he ate about a half a cup full, 2 kibbles at a time.

Although I would have liked to let him lay around on my jacket for an hour or so, I just had too many things to take care of this morning before leaving to do work stuff (like other work stuff), so I had to put him back in the crate. He was NOT happy about that at all.

Hubby has no voice, so I called and left a message for the surgeon, they called back almost immediately and I ran through the laundry list of questions that we had for the surgeon. They will call us back later once he’s out of rechecks, and rounds. Sammy continues to yap, yip, and howl from his crate. I gave him a big cookie. Big cookies allow us 5 minutes of non-howl time (I timed it). The other pups are on the deck lounging. I shared a croissant with Meeshka, since she was in a snit this morning and refused to go out without croissant.

I have to leave here around 12:30pm to go do work stuff... I feel bad, but I’m REALLY looking forward to escaping the asylum right now.

The vet tech called back and said that we do have to come in for the recheck. Sigh. Hubby will find out tomorrow if he’s able to go, and if not, then I guess I’ll be taking the morning off to haul the screaming banshee in for a recheck. Not like the pred is doing much to settle him down (and once again... if it is... I’d hate to see what he’s like off of it). We were given the ok, to give him his heartworm pill, and we were told not to worry about his back feeling colder toward the back. No word on the swim therapy place. I’ll have to ask when we get there.

After a few hours of non-stop complaining and screaming, its almost time for Sam’s out. He’s been especially bratty today, which could be from the new medication, or it could be that he’s feeling typical husky and wants to make our lives as miserable as huskily possible... and he’s doing a good job of it too.

I’m hoping that its because we’ve been home for the weekend that’s caused this crate howling thing, and that tomorrow when we go to work, he settles down and sleeps with the rest of the pups. I have this horrible fear that his mournful wailing can be heard by the neighbors, and that their patience will wear thin and we’ll get the animal police called on us. They’re ones to talk though, as their yappy dogs are known for yapping at all hours of the morning, so we’ll see what happens. We at least have a good excuse for the ruckus. This all could just be the paranoia of lack of sleep and stress. Lesson learned: recovery drives you insane.

After a nice walk around the yard, then inside for a LOT of water, and his food (which he finally started eating after a lot of coaxing), then his pills (which he hates) hubby stayed down there with him so he could lounge on the jacket (which if I put in the crate would become a sucking item and would be destroyed and we’re more concerned about him ingesting coat and getting a blockage than I care about the coat, thanks for the suggestion anyway) for 2 hours and then he went into the crate. When I looked down at him, he was staring at the wall, and has been pretty quiet so far. I’m hoping that the all day catterwalling wore him out and he’ll sleep good tonight.