Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sam's Recovery Day 19: 16 January 2007

Well, this morning we got up a little late, so I didn’t have time to chronicle the adventures of Sam. We had our usual morning out, peed, back in and finally got him to eat something. His taste changes at each feeding, so I now bring down whatever we have in the pantry and give it a shot with him. He wasn’t thrilled about the pilling, but took them well.

While hubby went up to shower and change, I stayed down with Sam, then we swapped, then we put him in his crate and he was a total brat about that. He seemed to know that we were leaving, as I bought him his usual crate kong, then we left.

At lunch, I didn’t hear any shrieking when I pulled up and listened at the door. We went out for the usual walk, and for lunch he ate a lot of Blue Buffalo gruel with shredded cheese, then ate some treats too.

Once again, the lunch kong treat, with peanut butter and a big peanut butter dog cookie and he didn’t even glance at us when we left.

Came home and once again he was quiet in his crate until I let the other pups out, then in, and came and got him. He peed a river, then refused to walk anymore. Hubby hadn’t made it home from work yet, and he follows hubby around the yard. Once hubby did get home (after I stood and froze my butt off), he did walk around, but then insisted we go inside. He actually ate some canned dog food and canned chicken chunks, then most of a small bowl of kibble, and proceeded to hide under the coffee table because he knew the pills were next. We tricked him to come out with a squirt of the Nutrical stuff, which he really loves. This time, I’d pill, give him a lick of nutrical, pill, nutrical. He seemed to tolerate that better.

So, I’m down here with him to give him some out of crate time. For the most part he’s lounged under the coffee table, eating treats when I had them down to him. Then suddenly he got up and literally pranced over to the door. When I told him to get back over to me, he squatted and took a very, very long and happy pee. I just let him. He had that sort of “lock me in a crate all the time” look, and a look of utter happiness after that pee. No way was I going to yell at him for peeing in the house. After he was done, he was very happy, and I simply sopped up the carpet with a pee pad, which aren’t very water proof, as my socks will tell you.

After he got a little too rambunctious, I decided it was time for some crate action, and he’s none to pleased with that. Meeshka and Loki had a play fit on the deck, then came in and got playful and that made him mad that he couldn’t join in, so he’s down there whining and wanting to play now. I have no doubt that if I let him play, he would play, oblivious to the missing discs in his back. Huskies are such dorks.

We just finished eating, things seem to get done later or later or not at all. I had this big optimistic list of things that I would do when I got home... and managed to do one thing: take out the kitchen trash bag. Hey, it was something off my list! I also managed to put Sam’s spare sheepskin in the wash, but haven’t made it down there to put it in the dryer. I was going to vacuum... not happening. Was going to move the box of last years files down into the back room... maybe I’ll remember to do that when I go put the sheepskin in the dryer, but I doubt it. I’ve walked by the box, that’s sitting on my kitchen table (so it’ll be right there and I won’t forget to take it down) for three days now. (Note to self: writing it down, or putting things where you’ll bump into it doesn’t work, you’ll still forget it). Another important lesson to learn that goes right along with buying microwave meals is to buy paper plates while you’re at the store. There’s just no interest, or strength to put dishes in the dishwasher. That’s an all time pathetic low if you ask me. Stock up on plastic ware, paper plates and cups, because little things like a sink full of dirty dishes just sucks the life blood from you.

I have no idea where the day went. I’ve accomplished so little today, except given Sam some outside the crate time, got to watch him enjoy a very long pee on the carpet, watched him eat his food, and got some tail wagging. He’s not a big “kisser”, so just looking into his sweet brown eyes and getting a tail wag is just as good. Even though I have a sink full of dishes, and a box of files on my kitchen table, just watching Sam do husky things, and catching Meeshka and Loki playing on the deck... that’s about all I need.

Oh, we do keep the tv on 24 hours a day for him. He seems to fall asleep during Star Trek episodes (we need to find a marathon of those), doesn’t like music videos, and thought that Billy Madison was stupid. He also wasn’t that impressed with the Golden Globe awards and thinks that white dresses, although “in” don’t look very good on the majority of the people wearing them. He’s very fashion conscious.