Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Sam's Recovery Day 20: 17 January 2006

This morning it was almost impossible to wake up. Morning came to quickly, that’s for sure.

We somehow managed to get up, take Sam out, care of the other pups, get him to eat, pill him, and get out the door and not be late for work. Sam’s appetite seems to be better, even though we have to “prime the pump” so to speak by giving him some human food. After he’s had his “treat”, he’ll eat his kibble... one kibble at a time, placed specifically where he can reach it, or get rejected by his very high standards.

Lunch was pretty uneventful as well, other than he took a very good poo. Pooping is starting to become more normal, than an event now. He’s actually able to squat normally, I just use the sling to steady him and make sure he doesn’t fall over. Once again... the one kibble bit at a time lunch was had.

When I got home after work, he was pretty patient while I took the other pups out, and hubby was delayed on the way home, so I took him out. Yet another poo, which is pretty good for a dog that doesn’t seem to be eating a whole lot.

We’re both getting pretty good with coordinating his in, out, feeding, feeding the other pups, giving everyone attention, eating for ourselves, and juggling all of the stuff we have to do. Its no longer crisis mode, but its still pretty time and labor intensive to make sure everything goes right.

Once again, after his eating and pilling, Mr. Sammy pranced over to the door... gave me a husky look, and peed on the area rug in front of the door... for a long... LONG time. He was very excited about that again. Made an attempt to escape up the stairs, but was thwarted by the gate. He’s now sprawled out on the floor, while Meeshka is demanding both attention, and hubby’s fish filets. She’s being more of a brat than Sam at the moment. Sam’s totally zonked out on the floor.

I spent the rest of the night down there with him, giving him a full 4 hours of crate freedom. He did very well, choosing to lay and nap under the coffee table for most of the time. We took him out for his usually nightly final outing and got another poo out of him. He’s becoming very regular now, which is good, but once again, it doesn’t seem as though he eats enough to create that amount of poo!