Thursday, January 18, 2007

Sam's Recovery Day 21: 18 January 2007

I can’t believe its been 21 days since he hurt his back. Time flies when you’re going insane.

Today was his check up to see if his platelets were going up. We got up at the usual time, did the usual routine, which is becoming so commonplace that I hope he’s not going to expect to be carried everywhere once he’s taken off crate restriction... of course our biggest fear is that he’ll never be able to do stairs again and we’ll HAVE to carry him up and down the stairs... heaving sigh.

He ate, we pilled, we konged Meeshka and Loki, and carried him to the truck. I must say that the trip this time was much quieter, and he was able to keep his balance much better as we drove. He even settled down a few times and lay down... until the urge to pee was just too great and he peed in the crate. That pred really makes them pee.

We got to the clinic right at 9am, just in time for his recheck. The tech took a history, and we went into great detail about his now very picky eating habits. The surgeon came in and remarked about how wonderfully he’s come along. He couldn’t believe how mobile he was doing, and was really amazed when I told him that Sam had actually managed to pee like a male dog before coming into the clinic. He said that it took a lot of good balance for them to do the one legged pee, and was surely a good sign of his progress.

They took Sam back to draw blood and we talked to the surgeon about the swim thing and our concerns. He told us that we should try the “do it yourself” place at least once to see how he did. Swim therapy would be helpful for getting muscle mass and helping him get better coordination, but since it wasn’t an exact science, and since some dogs took to it, others didn’t, it helped some dogs, other dogs it didn’t, and since there were pros and cons to it, we should take him to the do it yourself place for 10 minutes, if he flailed and freaked, or turned up stiff and sore the next day, then swimming probably wasn’t for him.

Apparently he was not a happy camper about getting blood drawn. We’ll get the results tomorrow to find out whether his platelet count has gotten higher. If so, the surgeon mentioned wanting to send some blood off to see if it was a tick borne virus or not. If it was, then we could wean him off the pred and continue the antibiotics. If it wasn’t tick borne, then we’d still wean him off the pred and get another blood work up to see if it continued to go up. Fingers crossed on the whole levels going up thing please.

We weren’t able to swim him there, they were concerned that with the platelet count, and the fact that he just had a needle stick that it might not be good for him at that time. Sam was pretty worn out anyway from all of the excitement, so he pretty much slept the whole way home.

We got him in, fed him, took him out and he pooped, he’s getting pretty regular with that, so unless something strange happens, just assume that all bodily functions are performing normally (well, the pee thing more normally since he goes quite a bit now).

He seemed pretty ok in the crate when we left him with a kong and cookie, even without the pred. We went to work.

I got home before hubby, so healthy pups out, then in, Sammy out. He’s got a spring to his step, and sorta boinks on the back legs kinda funny when he’s in a hurry. I’m hoping that resolves itself, but he seems to get around just fine with little slinging, so maybe that’s his new dorky walk.

Got him back inside for his usual chugging of water, then put down a cushy bed for him where my jacket use to be. He was very pleased with having a new cushy bed in his favorite nappy spot. What he doesn’t know is that a very kind person (Hi Heather) sent him his very own water bed today in the mail. I’ll be setting that up for him tomorrow while I’m home to see if that makes him happier lounging on that. It looks pretty sturdy, but it definitely won’t be something that can go in his crate, as Sammy is the destroyer of all things in his crate. It also has a very nice fitted sheet that came with it, which is suckable for the Sammy monster. I can just see the water carnage now!

Hubby got home and stayed down there with him while he lounged on the cushy bed. I escaped for a bit to spend some quality time with Meeshka and Loki and for cooking some steaks. Its been a while since we’ve had a good meal and we really needed something substantial. Once the steaks were done cooking, hubby bribed him into the crate with a big cookie, and once that was finished, the yelling began. He’s getting so spoiled. We didn’t Ace him this morning, but we did tonight. I’m tempted to try him one day without it when I’m home to see just how he does. He throws a tantrum in the crate anyway, why drug him up for a tantrum, so we’ll see.