Friday, January 19, 2007

Sam's Recovery Day 22: 19 January 2007

Hubby called in sick, he’s been battling a chest thing that I suspect may have turned into pneumonia. He’ll be calling for a doctor’s appointment as soon as the office opens.

Sammy was very vocal in asking to go out this morning. He’s a bit mopey today, I’m thinking that all of the walking and the drive to the clinic wore him out or made him sore, but he didn’t manage a poo, and he ate his kibble (bit by bit). He also went to town on a peanut butter dog cookie, loves the croissant too.

Since we’re both home today, I decided not to Ace him to see how he is. We just put him back in his crate (although he was more than happy on his big cushy pillow) and he seems to have settled down quickly, which is odd. I’m guessing that he’s not feeling good today.

I have to wash both of his sheepy crate beds as he’s had accidents on them. Right now he’s got a towel in there, and under that a pee pad in case he has an accident. The pred really REALLY makes him drink and pee a lot. We’re fine with that, making sure we clean him off with the baby wipes so the urine doesn’t irritate his skin and he doesn’t smell nasty. Lesson learned: for dogs, they don’t like the flowery smelling baby wipes, so try to get some that don’t smell.

Sammy started fussing, so we took him out for a massive flood. He willingly went back into his crate, but has now decided that it was a mistake, and he wants out again. And so begins the non-stop shrieking. We’ are currently ignoring him, because we don’t want to teach him that shrieking gets him out of the crate.

While hubby went to the doctor, I went down and let shrieking banshee out of his crate, it took him a bit to settle down, but he finally lounged on the floor. Since he was lounging, I went up and fed the pups, then prepared him: a bowl of blue buffalo gruel, a tupperware bowl of blue buffalo kibble, a tupperware bowl of W/D kibble, and a handful of the dog food roll slices. Hey, something was sure to work.

Came downstairs and he was really interested in the gruel, and ate half of that, with minor bowl/nose bumping. Then he moved onto the W/D kibble, and started eating that out of the tupperware bowl. Ok, fine, I just let him dine on that. Then he decided that he wanted the dog food roll slices... fine. He ate half of everything, then decided he was full. It was the best meal he’s eaten in a while. That must have tired him out because he plopped down and napped on the floor.

Hubby got home, and we took him out after a half hour, then put him in his crate, which he was not happy about. He proceeded to shriek for quite some time after that.

The surgeon’s office called and the great news is that his platelet count has more than doubled! That’s a very, very good thing! Now they want to send off his blood work to get a tick titer, to see if that was because of a tick-borne disease, and they also want to send his blood off to check his clotting factors. Cha Ching $400 bucks in testing. BUT, at least we can narrow down the cause, and treat accordingly. Of course, we won’t get results for 2 weeks, which means he’ll be done with his meds... so whatever.

I’m just relieved that his platelet count more than doubled! Finally a bit of good news.

We konged the pups and went to run errands and pick up hubby’s prescriptions. Came back and Sammy REALLY wanted out of his crate to pee a river. He’s currently under the coffee table guarding his kong. Hey, he’s not screaming, so I don’t care. Oh, and lesson learned: don’t get the big mondo sushi assortment from Costco, hubby reports that its nasty. (duh).

Feeding Sam tonight was impossible. He didn’t want ANYTHING... except to like the nutrical bottle. I’m almost out of that, need to get some more, as he seems to love it. He turned his nose up at croissant, didn’t want the beef stick, the W/D kibble, the Blue Buffalo Kibble, the package puppy food, the gruel, beef chunks... nothing. He was a non-eating pup tonight. We pilled him (gave him some Ace because he’s been awake for most of the day and acting a bit stiff), and I gave him a really nice massage. He just melts when you massage him. On last ditch effort, I had hubby bring down a peanut butter dog cookie and he did crawl under the coffee table and eat that... then promptly fell asleep under there with his head resting next to a kong. What a sweetie. I didn’t have the heart to move him, so I just stayed down there with him. The other pups are pretty mellow tonight for some reason. I did manage to go out and play with them for a bit (ok, I scooped poo out of the yard, they whizzed around me chasing each other).

He’s still asleep under the coffee table. I came up, cooked dinner, tip toed around and he’s still fast asleep. As long as he stays fast asleep, he can just stay fast asleep. He’s so cute.

Don’t know if it was Loki barking to go out, Meeshka wooing and stomping to go out after Loki, or hubby sneezing loudly that woke Sam up, but he’s out from under the coffee table now, looking up at us. I’m all for testing his boundaries and seeing what he does down there. Hubby is a bit more conservative than I am, and mentioned not leaving him down there alone for very long, and either crating him, or go down and be with him. Ok, any volunteers?

Lesson learned from today (other than the vital don’t buy Costco sushi) is that we need to give him Ace at LEAST in the morning. He did spend an awful lot of time pitching a fit in his crate today, and even when he was out of the crate, he was way too rambunctious for our liking, trying to dash around and look for a place to get up the stairs. He was also trying to zoom around outside when he went out, literally almost pulling me along with him, and at one point nearly jumping out of the sling. We do have a small leash on him, but if he got it into his head to try running, I doubt it would do very much to make him stop if he found a way to lose the sling.

He’s still asleep downstairs, after having moved out from under the coffee table. We’ll be taking him out for his final in a bit. I’ll be curling up on that wonderful Aero bed tonight to give sickly hubby some regular bed time sleep.

So, its been a relatively good day. I didn’t get as much done as I wanted due to his crate temper tantrums, and our schedule, but we got to spend some good quality time together, he had that husky gleam in his eye, and the blood results were encouraging.