Saturday, January 20, 2007

Sam's Recovery Day 23: 20 January 2007

Its the weekend, so what better time to sleep in... except if you are on Sammy watch!

He decided that he needed to pee at 1am. I let him out of his crate and directed him to the pee pads. I’m sorry, but at 1am in the freezing cold, no way am I carrying out a 50lb dog half asleep into the yard. We’ll house train him when he’s better, a small price to pay for not freezing to death, or falling on top of him while trying to climb up concrete steps.

For those of you facing recovery, you really need to run out to a store and get the Bissell Little Green Steam Machine... the one that will heat the water. It will be your carpet saver or savior, especially if recovery includes giving your pup Prednisone. He’s on a 4 hour pee schedule, which we’re trying to accommodate as much as possible for him. We don’t want him to try to hold it and get a urinary tract infection (UTI) or pee in the crate, so pretty much, the 4 times a day rule goes out the door.

He let me sleep in until 5:30am, at which time I woke up hubby and we took him out. He didn’t want to do anything, so back inside he went, back into the crate, and I told him I wanted to sleep in... which he let me do until 7:30am. Ugh, fine.

He’s been pretty good about hanging out downstairs without too much trouble, so I gated him down there and took his bowl up to get him his breakfast. As I’m rinsing out his bowl, I hear the distinct sound of the baby gate falling over downstairs. EEEE! I dash to the stairs, move the upstairs baby gate and replace it, and there is Sam on the landing. Poor spine dog had managed just fine to get up about 6 stairs to the landing. Ugh, carried him back down the stairs, put the gate back up, shoved him in his crate, locked him in safely and went back up to get his food, and feed Meeshka and Loki.

I was so mad at him when I came back down that I just plopped his gruel bowl on the floor, let him out of his crate and sat on the couch. He proceeded to eat all of his gruel, and then the handfuls of kibble I plopped on the bowl when he didn’t seem to be full enough. Maybe our hovering over him while he ate was making him not want to eat, maybe his little stair climb got his appetite going, who knows. I’m sure he’ll be pickier at lunch.

He got plopped back in his crate with a kong bone and cookie, but started on the yip WOOOOO thing, which I let him do for a while before coming down to let him out. He’s currently chewing on the kong bone getting the peanut butter out under the coffee table and using my foot as a place for his bony elbow, all happy.

Mr. Spoiled Brat was just fine gnawing on his kong bone under the coffee table, but since I had things to take care of, and since he’s no longer trusted alone after the gate fest this morning, I enticed him into his crate with the kong bone. He’s been quiet for a few minutes, but is now clearly not happy again.

Feeding time at the zoo, and just as I suspected... Sam didn’t want his food, even though I prepared it the same was as before. Maybe his lack of exercise makes him less hungry, and he did have a lot for breakfast, so I’ll go with that excuse. He did eat about 10 Meaty treats though... he’s playing me for a sucker, that’s for sure. Expecting the worst, after steam cleaning up the pee spots, I lay down pee pads in that area, and sure enough, he sauntered over... and peed next to the pee pads. I was ready for immediate clean up, having just filled the little green with fluids, so that was an easy clean up.

He’s now downstairs asleep on his little cushy with hubby, who has been sucked up in the movie “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. I got sucked up in it a few days ago while doing Sam duty. Its like a train wreck, that movie.

In my now free time from Sam, I’ve managed to take out the garbage, do some laundry, pay the bills, and try to catch up on all of the fun things I’ve been meaning to do, but haven’t had time. Lesson learned: hire a cleaning company during recovery. Oh, and a chef!

I felt compelled to write now because we’ve had almost three hours of silence! OOOOH! I almost don’t know what to do with it! I should have napped, or ... something! I did manage to take a shower earlier, which has made me feel somewhat human again. Managed to do some catch up work on web sites and blogs and stuff. Its been gloriously quiet around here, and that’s really odd! Could this be a turning point? Could this be the beginning of more quiet? I doubt it. I’m sure Sam is saving up some good screaming for after dinner or something. Speaking of dinner, I guess I should have taken something out to thaw for dinner, but frankly thinking has gone along the lines of “what time is it and how long do I have between Sammy time”, so everything in between is pretty vague.

Of course, our blissful quiet was broken by Sam, who can tell time and wanted out and his dinner. We dutifully let him out for his usual walk around the yard, then back inside where he snubbed the gruel and everything else. For some odd reason I brought down the beef log slices, and sure enough, he stole one and crawled under the coffee table with it. Got up, stole another, etc. After his massage, which he REALLY loves now, he decided that he would have some kibble, but only three pieces at a time, thank you, and nearly ate a whole bowl of that. If he stops eating, I’ll do his massage again, then he’ll eat some more... I swear he’s just playing me....

I spent an hour down there with him while he napped, and he was so tired, I could barely get him up to go into the crate so I could fix dinner... and then he was wide and awake and MAD. The pathetic wooing and screaming. Poor guy. He peed in his crate again, so we’ll need to go out and buy more sheepskin crate liners for him, as the two we’re currently using aren’t enough for Mr. Pred Pee Pants. I’ll also see if there’s something there that will entertain him a bit more that will last. On another list, someone talked about bully sticks (if you didn’t know, its dried cow penis) and I see that Petsmart has them... so I’ll give one of those a shot.

Took him, pee and poo, back inside, bribed him into the crate with a goody, and its been non-stop very angry puppy down there.

OOOH its quiet. I have no doubt that if I go look, he’ll be staring up at me in his crate, ready to start complaining again the moment he sees me.

I had to laugh at a (joking) suggestion a friend sent to me. She said "well, if he sleeps well under the coffee table, how about putting the coffee table on top of the crate..." had to cartoon that.