Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sam's Recovery Day 24: 21 January 2007

Got to sleep in until 7:30 am before Sam woke up. That’s quite a sleep in compared to our normal 5:00 am wake up time, but still.

Since hubby has school work to do and some other things to do, I’ve decided to plant myself downstairs with Sam for most of the day to keep him quiet, and to give him some out of crate time.

We’re contemplating on putting together the bigger crate for him. While we don’t want him to get use to peeing in the crate, we realize that with the Pred, he has to go a lot. The bigger crate would give him more room to pee in there, but not have to lay in it (while we’re at work for instance). It would give him more room to move around, but not enough room to get all rambunctious. Its a conundrum.

This morning he had his breakfast and massage and pills, and now he’s all comfy on the floor fast asleep. He did have to pee before he fell asleep, and of course, he avoided all of the pee pads that I had put down and managed to find a non-pee pad covered area. I really, REALLY appreciate the ease of use and good suckage of the little green clean machine. It sure does make those “spills” easy to clean up.

Ok, I hate the pin drop crates. I put up the palatial pin drop crate for Sam and put his cushy sheepskin in there and a towel for him. He obliviously slept through the whole painful process of putting it together, blissfully unaware of the danger he could have been in what with me putting the stupid crate together. Kudos to the Midwest crate people for having the instructions on putting together their crates easily accessible on their Web site.

Of course, after his nap (complete with puppy dreams and flailing legs) he got up, got a drink, peed next to a pee pad (sigh) and then sniffed the new crate. He didn’t seem impressed and went over to the smaller crate and sniffed that. Great... so I tossed a goody into the new crate and he went in, checked it out, got the treat, crawled under the coffee table, ate it, now he’s asleep again.

While Heather’s joke about putting the coffee table on his crate, I’m also wondering if he feels safer under something, and whether we need to try to revisit a crate cover again. of course, we run the risk of the great sheet sucking incidents if we just drape something on the crate (and we’re out of sheets), but I have to wonder if there’s something out there that we can use to safely cover his crate and make him feel safer in there.

Ok, so sitting here doing really nothing, I’ve had time to ponder the crate cover thing. The new palatial crate is very tall, so he won’t be able to reach up and grab anything, so I put a table cloth on the top (yes, I know... tempting fate there), and then I saw the cardboard box that his old crate came in, so I took it apart and it fits perfectly on the one side of it. Now he has a little den that’s blocked on three sides, leaving the front and the left side open. I’d like to block the left side to give him a total den look, but I don’t have anything to lean up there. If he somehow gets ahold of the box, its only cardboard, so he’ll just rip that up, and that won’t be a bad thing. We’ll be going to Petsmart in a bit for more sheepskin beds and bully sticks, so maybe we can find one of their old cardboard boxes and bring it home.

We’re back from petsmart and Starbucks. Hey, gotta treat ourselves as well when we’re out. We got two more sheepskin beds for Sam, a ton of different treats for the dogs, and some bully sticks. Sam was very quiet in the crate when we came home and waited patiently for us to come down and let him out for a pee. Its snowing, so he liked standing in the snow as it fell. Back into the crate he went after a drink and I gave him one of the bully sticks, which he attacked the moment I handed it to him.

Since it is snowing and the deck stairs get slick, we gated off his area and let Meeshka and Loki outside from down there. Sam was too busy chewing to notice them, but on their way back in, he noticed them and yipped a few times. He seems to have calmed down quickly though, which is very good. I don’t know if its the covered crate or the bully stick that is making him feel more comfortable down there, but whichever it is, I’m happy!

The snow is getting deeper, and Sam went out and did his business, came in and actually ate some A/D gruel this time, along with some treats. He took his pills well, the as usual, slithered under the coffee table for a nap. I find that if I stay down there with him for about an hour (enough time for the Ace to kick in) he’s almost willing to go into his crate and be quiet. Of course, luring him in with the bully stick (his new favorite treat) also helps. He’s still a pee monster, but with the green machine at the ready, that’s not a problem (well, it will be when he’s better, but we’ll just deal with one problem at a time).

I just went out to play in the snow with Meeshka and Loki and its starting to freezing rain a bit. That will be wonderful, having a glare of ice to deal with in the morning, keeping our feet and making sure Sam keeps his. Sam is currently digging in his crate, trying to bury the bully stick, I’m sure. He’s neurotic like that.

Well, Loki is all in a playful mood and is barking, which got Sam all in an uproar and the fun begins.
Apparently, no matter what crate we get him, he’s not going to be happy while we’re home and he’s crated. I can’t blame the poor boy, he is a pack animal and just wants to be with someone.

Tomorrow hubby has to call and find out if we need to start weaning Sam from the Pred. I hope they tell us to give a reducing dose of that stuff, then off it completely within the end of the week so he’s not peeing as much. Same with the antibiotic. He’s taken so many pills lately, the poor thing. He’s now learned when its pill time and he tries to hide under the coffee table. He also won’t eat a specific treat anymore because I would give him one after I pilled him. I think he now equates the treat to icky medicine.

He’s now very angry because we went downstairs and didn’t let him out. We did catch him just sitting there in the crate howling mournfully. Its funny how you imagine him being so incredibly miserable and in pain or something, then go down and catch him in the act, and he’s just sitting there, making a ruckus, wagging his tail.

We’ll be taking him out for his final pee, then hubby takes up the Sammy night watch tonight. And so ends day 24... only a zillion more to go.