Monday, January 22, 2007

Sam's Recovery Day 25: 22 January 2007

Once again, morning comes way to early. The ice rain we were suppose to get, thankfully, wasn’t as bad as they predicted, so we didn’t have to worry about sliding around the yard with Sam. He was not very keen on eating this morning. When I went up to get ready for work, hubby managed to feed him some kibble, even feed him more than one piece at a time, so that was good. He got his pills and stuff, and after a little nap, he drank some water and voluntarily went into his crate, which allowed me to sneak off and get ready for work.

At lunch, hubby got a last minute call to go to a meeting, so that left me alone to juggle pups. Here’s the routine that seemed to work well:

Meeshka and Loki out,
Fix everyone’s lunch while they were out.
Let Meeshka and Loki back in
Feed Meeshka and Loki
Take Sam’s food down to him
Let Sam out, carry him outside
Bring Sam back inside, guide him to his food bowl, which he snubs
Run up and let Meeshka and Loki back out
Run back down to make sure Sam isn’t being devious
Run back up to grab some instant oatmeal for lunch
Back down and get Sam to eat some kibble
Back up to let Meeshka and Loki in and prep their kongs
Back down to entice Sam out from under the coffee table and into his crate
Back up to give Meeshka and Loki their kongs in their crates
Leave, collapse in a pool of goo once back at work.

Since my cooking time is severely limited lately, I went to the grocery store after work and stocked up on the banquet and stouffers family meals that you can toss in the oven and leave until they’re heated. On a whim, I picked up two plastic “tins” of Little Ceasar puppy food. Sam’s lack of appetite and loss of muscle is alarming me, and I want him to eat something, but knowing his track record on food, didn’t hold out much hope.

Got home and hubby was already there, Sam was being very good and not complaining too much. We took him out and he did have an accident in the crate, but thanks to the size, he wasn’t too much covered in pee when we took him out.

Got him back inside and I ran up to feed Meeshka and Loki while hubby stayed with Sam. I brought down the “tins” of Little Ceasar, plopped his bowl down and made a big deal of peeling off the foil lid. Even before I got the foil lid half off, he was ravenously licking the food. I plopped half of it in the bowl and he nabbed the big glop of it and went to town on it. I managed to cut up the rest of the glob and he downed that in no time flat. Same thing with the second “tin”. I feel horrible because this is the first food that he’s actually gone bonkers for. I tried to fool him by stuffing some Blue Buffalo canned food in the empty tin, but he was not fooled at all.

Now we all know what this means... I’ll go out tomorrow and buy a case of the stuff and he’ll refuse to eat it. Yep, I know it’ll happen, I just know it, but if I don’t... So I’ll be wiping all sorts of varieties of the stuff off the shelf and into the cart hoping to recreate the food frenzy of tonight. Luckily I also bought some Blue Dog soft peanut butter treats that they had, and he ate about 5 of those as well, so that’s a lot of food for the poor guy. Maybe its a good thing we only had 2 “tins” of the stuff, because he may very well have overstuffed himself on it. I was almost ready to run out and buy more, I had put dinner in the oven and all, so I’ll leave work early at lunch and stop at the store and buy them out of the stuff.

After I ate, and Sam had a few hours out of the crate napping, I enticed him into the crate with the soft peanut butter treats, and he went in somewhat willingly. Another friend mention to me in an e-mail that Ace is a type of sedative where the dog (or animal) can shake its effects and have almost the opposite affect as a tranquilizer. This could have been why he was not acting sedated when we’d pill him and put him back in the crate. He’d get all worked up over being in the crate, and make a lot of noise, as if he wasn’t even sedated. Now that we started giving him some out of crate relax time after he eats, and allow him a pee after that, he’s been much calmer in the crate and sleeping too. Thanks for the tip Peg!

We also put his water bottle back on the crate. He’s a bit dense, and I don’t know if he’ll figure out how to use it, but its there if he gives it a shot. Now that he’s got a lot more room to move around, we don’t have to worry about his scraping up against the nozzle or impaling himself on it. Its out of the way, but easy to use for his size. All he needs in there is a jacuzzi and he’s all set.