Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sam's Recovery Day 26: 23 January 2007

I won’t complain about the morning getting here too soon... ok, I will complain! Since when did 6 hours of sleep feel like about 2 hours??? HUH???

Ok, normal morning routine for the recovery. Sam is starting to dash under the coffee table after he snubs the morning food selection so he can avoid taking his pills. We let him hide under there for a while, pushing kibble bits at him until he eats something, then bribe him to come out with a goody and shove pills down his throat. He looks at us like we’ve betrayed him.

I left work early at lunch and drove to the grocery store and bought 59 tins of Cesar food for him. Since he went nuts over the puppy food I got a lot of that, and then a mixture of the other adult foods they had there. I’m in the self check-out lane swiping the tins 89 cents, 89 cents, 89 cents (59 times) and I started to notice that people were looking at me weird.

Dashed home, let Meeshka and Loki out, waiting for hubby to arrive and giggling because FINALLY Sam would get a good meal. We took Sam out, brought him in, I made a HUGE deal of opening the tin of puppy food that he gulped down with relish yesterday, and he licked the container... and turned away. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!! He “managed” to eat about 3 pieces of the stuff, then dashed under the coffee table. I swear....

We got word from the surgeon today to start weaning him off the Pred, so I picked up a new prescription for him for 5mg Pred because its easier to wean with smaller doses. He’s now to take 15mg twice a day (3 itty bitty pills), and we’re to call next week and get his next reducing dosage, which will probably be 10mg twice a day, then down to 5 twice a day, the 5 once a day, then 5 every other day (if he reduces like most vets). Hopefully this will reduce the pee factory that he’s become.

Came home for the 5pm Sam out and he peed a storm and poo’d, came in and sat waiting for his foot. Meeshka and Loki are in hog heaven right now because they’re getting the Nutro pouch food that he now hates in their food. I’m guessing they’ve bribed him to snug the Cesar stuff so they get it. Tonight instead of the puppy food, I attempted a tin of Filet Mignon. Who can resist Filet Mignon... well, Sammy can resist filet mignon, that’s for sure. He loves licking it, ate about 2 chunks, then dashed for under the coffee table. I’m going to try feeding him under the coffee table, hell I’ll even let him take the plastic container under the coffee table if he’ll just eat something!

We let him go into our other computer room downstairs for a change of scenery and he took that opportunity to pee on the rug in there. Hubby has now suggested that we cover everything with pee pads EXCEPT for the spot we want him to pee on, as this seems to be the only way he’ll pee where we want him to. As hubby was using a pee pad to sop up this latest “spill” he commented on how foul the pee smelled. I couldn’t smell it, I had no idea what he was talking about... well, it smelled foul because while outside, hubby had stepped in poo... so off he went to clean his shoe off.

In an attempt to get some things done in our house and lives, we enticed Sam into his cage with his beloved Bully stick, and a kong filled with dog treats and the Cesar stuff he didn’t eat for dinner. He’s been VERY quiet... too quiet. I’m paranoid now. Why is he quiet? Why isn’t he screaming and clawing on his crate, what is wrong with him??? Hubby tells me to let him be, but I really want to go and check on him... of course that will wake him up if he’s sleeping and will get him screaming so I guess I just have to trust that he likes his new crate, he’s fed, peed, got some treats, and his pills and he’s happy in the crate finally... worry, worry, worry.

He’s screaming, so everything is normal now! Ok, just so people don’t freak out, he actually doesn’t SCREAM like he’s in pain or freaking out totally or anything. Its more like a “LET ME OUT OF THIS CRATE I DEMAND OF YOU” sort of bark/wooo thing.

Time for his final out, and time for us to fall into bed... where 7 hours will pass as though it were 2 hours.