Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sam's Recovery Day 27: 24 January 2007

I swear, someone keeps moving the clock and waking me earlier and earlier, even though it says its 5:30am, it seems as though I JUST fell asleep!

We’re getting in a Sammy groove now with the routine. His eating is still not what I want it to be. He hasn’t shown an interest in the Cesar food since that initial bolting of two tins, but he is consistently eating it... I just have to trick him into eating it. Disgusted with throwing away all of that food, I decided this morning to shove it all into a kong and tossed it into his crate when we left for work in the morning.

At noon, I had solo puppy duty and managed to juggle dogs, feed dogs, and make a sandwich. I noticed when I got Sam out that:
1.) He hadn’t peed in the crate while we were gone. I’m hoping that lowering his Pred is making him less pee-ful.
2.) his kong was empty. Hmmm.

At lunch, once again, no interest in his food, but he was very interested in my sandwich, so I gave him the crust, I don’t like the crust anyway. I gave some to Meeshka too, because she was sulking. I shoved his Cesar food into his kong, gave him a peanut butter kong and a cookie and went back to work.

Came home tonight and did the usual juggling, and when Sam came back in... I noticed that his food kong was empty. Hmmm. Ok, so instead of putting the food in his bowl where he’d just snub it, I shoved it into his kong and put it into his crate. He went into the crate, got the kong, dove under the coffee table and ate the whole thing out of the kong. Cool. I shoved more in there, put it in the crate, same thing, except he only ate half of it, but hey, that’s more than he was eating.

He got his body massage. He just oozes around when he gets his massage, just loves it. I’m letting him lounge around a bit before I torture him with the pills. I want to give him some digest food time, relax time, then I’ll burst his little bubble and pill him.

Since we’re out of towels, I’m staying down here so I can do laundry. This is making Meeshka angry, so she’s bugging hubby. Hehe, better him than me. I have no idea what oven food I’ll throw in tonight. Note to self: dog recovery is a great way to lose weight.... but I wouldn’t recommend it as a method to just lose weight.

Ok, the pup has been pilled and is lounging now. I’m letting him nap for a bit before I bribe him into the crate and go up to throw something in the oven.

After tossing Sam into his crate, I was able to microwave some pretty disgusting food (Lesson learned: banquet beef and noodles is less appealing than dog food, and probably has the same consistency). Just as we finished choking that down, Sam emitted a horrible high pitch scream that said “I HAVE TO GO OUT RIGHT NOW!” This was much different than his “LET ME OUT OF THIS CRATE RIGHT NOW FOR NO REASON!” scream, it was much more urgent sounding. We ran downstairs and got him leashed, slung and out the door in record time. We’ve gotten to be like a pit crew at Indy with getting him out the door.

Sure enough, he quickly found a pee spot, and I’ve just now figured out a way to have the sling in such a position that he’s not peeing on it, or directing his urine flow into his face. He’s got quite a pee psi going on with the pred. Once that was done, he stomped right over to his favorite poo spot. Just to give you an idea of Sam’s neurosis, before we brought him home from the surgeon, I went out and raked up all of the leaves in the yard, and made little piles of leaves in his favorite poo areas. Sam insists on pooping on things, and he LOVES pooping on leaf piles. He also loves pooping on big sticks that make it impossible to scoop his poo. He’s pick one specific small leaf pile to be his daily poo spot, even though the pile of leaves is now flat, he insists on pooing there.

I don’t really have to support him at all when he walks anymore. He doesn’t handle cornering very well, so the sling is just there to keep him from toppling over, but he still needs help with the poo stance. I do a lot of supporting during the poo stance, and have to do a little dance to make sure that when he’s getting into the poo stance, which requires quick turning and shuffling, that I don’t break his poo concentration. He gets mad when I interfere, glares at me, then has to walk back and forth on his poo “route” a few times before attempting the stance again. We also found that we can’t talk during the poo stance. He gets all bent out of shape if there isn’t total silence for him to concentrate on the task of pooing.

For the first time really since the surgery, he had a normal (although smelly) poo consistency. We did the happy normal poo dance, and so did he. When we brought him inside, and I went out to collect the perfect poo and toss it over the fence in a baggie (so the other dogs won’t eat it... since he’s on medication... and yes, Loki and Meeshka have been known to poo graze as disgusting as it sounds), he apparently dove into the bowl of leftover Cesar stuff and licked it clean. Hubby made the mistake of putting more in the bowl... I’ve learned that lesson... he won’t eat it... and he didn’t. I’ll shove it in a kong for after his final outside time tonight and he’ll finish that off.

Using the kong feeding method is actually getting him to eat more. He’s also nuts for those bully sticks. He had his first one down to a nub tonight after a week of chewing, so I took it away. He looked at me in horror as I tossed it into the trash. I thought he was going to cry. I went up and got him a new one, and it was like he just won the lotto. He stumbled into his crate and just looked so happy! I love how it keeps him occupied so he can get the crate rests he needs, and allows us some quiet time.