Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sam's Recovery Day 28: 25 January 2007 (half way)

Hubby reminded me today that we’re half way there! Ugh, seems like forever.

Today has been “dogs gone wild”, I have no idea why.

Sam is obviously feeling much better, and is now trying to jump on the couch downstairs, requires constant supervision so he doesn’t try to snake his way under the railing to get upstairs, and is actually squatting for a poo without that much help from the sling. All very good signs... but more work for us.

Meeshka is throwing temper tantrums, Loki being a butthead, calgon take me away.

The feeding seems to be going better, he’s finally getting an appetite, its just a strange appetite. It comes and goes. Shoving food in his kong works well, he thinks its a treat, especially if I put it in his crate. He’ll drag it out and eat under the coffee table. When we come home to let him out, the kongs are always cleaned out. We’ve started keeping food in the bowl for him, he eats when the mood hits him, so if its there, he’ll just go over, pig out, we fill the bowl, etc.

His poo schedule is a bit off now. I think he’s figured out that if he doesn’t poo at 5pm, then he gets an extra out around 7:30 or 8pm, then another out around 9pm. His poo is firming up very nicely, and as I mentioned before, he’s supporting himself more on the squat. He’s also getting better at balance. When he drinks or eats, before he’d tilt to the left and sometimes lose his balance. He seems better able to stand and balance when he’s eating and drinking.

Tonight he was bright eyed and bushy tailed when we came home from work. He was REALLY interested in Meeshka (who spent half the night glaring at him from the railing, mad that he was getting all sorts of food and treats), and kept trying to figure a way up the stairs to her. I figured that part of his pacing was due to a poo, and sure enough, as we were waiting for a pizza to get delivered, he had to go out, so we raced out back, I walked him for his poo, then called for hubby to drag him back in when he was done, all while trying to listen for the pizza guy.

Since I’ve had hardly 5 minutes to do anything today, Sam’s update will be short. He’s doing good, I hope he sleeps a lot tomorrow because I’m off and I plan on catching a nap somewhere during the day, and will post more tomorrow... but for now, we’re both so brain dead that we’re going to go to bed.