Friday, January 26, 2007

Sam's Recovery Day 29: 26 January 2007

Its OH SO VERY cold outside, making getting up and taking Sam out even harder for us... just because we don’t like cold. We’ve been very spoiled with our fence, just opening the door and letting the pups run out, staying in the nice warm house while they go out and do their business. They had such a great routine, out, back in for breakfast, out for a bit again, then into their crates for their goodies, nap until lunch, out, lunch, out, back in for more crate treats and then at night they’d spend an hour or so out and playing, in for dinner, out for more play, then bed.

This routine freed us up to do the stuff we needed to do, go out and play with them for a while. They had their schedule, we had our schedule, and each day worked out great for everyone.

Add carrying Sammy out and slinging him to the mix, keeping the pups separate, trying to juggle play time with the healthy pups with supervision time downstairs with Sam when he’s out of his crate, and not a whole lot gets done during the week because of this.

Ok, so stuff like vacuuming, laundry and all that can wait for the weekends when we’re home, so that’s not important, but to us (and this is the big kicker as far as the exhaustion level goes) it seems as though we get home at night, give Sam and the pups their quality time, then there’s very little sit down and veg time for us before its time for bed. Its like we’re going, going, going, from the morning until we fall down in bed, so that’s what takes most of the toll.

So, we sorta rushed poor Sammy in his morning pee/poo run this morning out of our selfish need to get back in the warm house and drink coffee. That was a mistake, because Sammy needed to poo, which meant an hour later, he was pacing, whining, trying to get on the couch, and generally being a pest. That means he has to poo. Hubby was up getting ready for work, so I took him out by myself and sure enough... we had poo. He’s now plopped on the floor resting after his horrible pilling experience... well, he thinks its torture. In a bit, I’ll lure him into the crate for his nap, and then be very very quiet upstairs and hope that I can have a day off without screaming for attention.

Last night Meeshka and Loki were just sponges for attention, very angry at their lack of usual “me” time. It was very frustrating because I had a busy, and bad day at work because I had a migraine most of it. I wanted to come home and just have a half hour of quiet time, but the healthy pups also wanted some attention and love. Juggling a multiple dog household when you have a recovery dog is difficult, especially when you aren’t sleeping well, you’re stressed about the recovery process, and your household routine gets thrown for a loop. Its important to give yourself some quiet time, but you also have to take into consideration that the other four leggers are confused about the change in routine and you need to make some time for them, even if it means that you give up your quiet time to give them some normal activity.

Sammy has been so good in his crate today its amazing! I’m sure he probably thinks that we’ve been at work all day, since I’ve been sneaking around trying not to make a lot of noise, but even so, he’s only complained around lunch time, when its his normal time out. He complained a bit after lunch, but not for long. He’s all bright eye and bushy tailed and ready to take on the world today. I’ve noticed that he’s much stronger in walking, and taking some corners better, less stumbling and losing balance. I hope that our letting him have some out of crate time during the mornings and at night is helping him strengthen. He’s also eating a lot more, which is very good.

We forgot (in the rush of the week) to try to get him in for a swim appointment at the do it yourself place this saturday. We don’t know if its possible to try to get him in or not at this point, but I guess we could try. All they can say is no. I’d like to get him out and see if he’ll tolerate the swim on his own at that place and get him some exercise.

OOOH, so sweet! I called and they were booked, they normally stop taking appointments at 5pm, but they said we can come in at 5:30pm since its his initial appointment to see how well he’ll do, that’s is just sooo cool! Sammy gets to go swimming! I’m sure that will be a whole blog entry in itself. This is the place that is just an exercise pool type place, but they have done therapy for surgical patients before. You can’t go in the pool, but they do have life jackets and they’ll start him out slow and easy for the first one. I hope we can be in the room with him as he does it, just in case I need to jump in and save him from sinking. I’ll take a camera, just in case we can take pictures and stuff. OOH, this is so exciting, I hope he likes it, and I hope he does well. He was really flailing and didn’t look too keen on his first one, but that was only 2 weeks after his surgery. I guess this means no Ace for him tomorrow. I’d like him to have all of his faculties while in the pool.

So far, Sammy is having a very good day today. He’s behaving (for a husky), he’s walking pretty good, he’s eating very well, and now he’s relaxing out of his crate after walking around for a bit down here. I’m giving him some out of crate time by sitting down here before we go to bed. Meeshka, is of course, pouting on the top of the stairs. I’m very pleased with his behavior today, keeping a standard routine is good for him, and he’s less stressed in the bigger crate. He’s had fewer accidents in there, probably because of the reducing dosage of the Pred, but he’s got plenty of spirit and energy. Sure he tires easily, but with no exercise, little food, and major surgery, I think he’s doing very well on the road to recovery.