Saturday, January 27, 2007

Sam's Recovery Day 30: 27 January 2007

Sam let us sleep in until 7:30am! He was also very hungry and ate three of the little Cesar tin food. I’m hoping he doesn’t get addicted to that stuff and I’ll end up having to buy that... at 89 cents per little tin for a 50lb husky, that will get a tad bit expensive I think.

Today will be a no-Ace day for Sammy because of his swim appointment, so we’ll see what the real Sammy activity level will be for him. Currently he’s sprawled on the floor after his eating frenzy. I still have to give him his pred and Doxy, but I wanted him to digest a bit and rest before the traumatic pilling. I joke, its not that bad, but he hates being pilled, so I’ll give him a bit of a break between eating and drinking before I pill him.

Since I’m down here on Sammy watch, I’m taking advantage of the close proximity of the washer and dryer to do the ton of laundry that built up through the week. Seems like a good trade off, giving Sam some out of crate time, and getting some laundry done while I’m down here.

Sammy just threw up all of his food, the poor little dear. That also probably means he threw up his pills, but I’m not pilling him again until tonight. I’m guessing, since he threw up all of his food, that he ate too much all at once. It was strange that he ate three containers of that stuff, where normally he would eat one, then snack on some in a kong, so I’m thinking it was just a food overload for him. I took him out afterwards, and he had a good poop, then came back inside and went right into his crate, where he’s looking a bit punk and depressed, but he could just have an upset stomach and be tired from the poop. I’ll keep an eye on him for the rest of the afternoon, see how he is at lunch and if he’s still mopey, I’ll cancel his swim appointment.

I’m also going to wean him off the Cesar stuff and get him back onto the canned blue buffalo stuff, which is his normal food. I’m thinking that although he needs the nutrients of the puppy food, if he’s getting back to eating normal quantities, it may just be too rich for him. I’d prefer he eat a good food that will give him the nutrients he needs and not that grocery store stuff anyway. I’ll do a half and half mix at lunch to see if he’ll eat a small amount, limit his portions so he doesn’t gorge himself and make himself sick again, and go from there.

He’s apparently now well enough to yap non-stop for the past hour. I took him down a blue buffalo canned food kong, which appeased him for all of 5 minutes before he started up the pathetic yapping and whining. Apparently the Ace does mellow him out enough. It could also be that he knows that its the weekend, and that he should be outside playing with the other pups, and taking naps on his cushy, and not locked in his crate while we’re all home. He has an uncanny sense of time, and day of the week. They all do actually, so it shouldn’t surprise me that he’s being a butthead today. As I need to go down there and do more laundry, I’ll let him out for a bit while I’m down there, but only after he shuts up. I don’t want him to think that yapping gets him loose.

Its been non-stop yap fest for Sam, who is feeling much better after his yack this morning apparently. He is now eating the blue buffalo from the kongs to limit his bolting the food down in large quantities, but he’s not liking having to eat them in the crate. He insists on dragging the kong out of the crate and eating it on the cushy pillow, so he was quite angry when I threw the kong toward the back of the crate and locked him in. He’s been complaining ever since and we’re probably glad we don’t know husky speak, as I’m sure he’s cursing us.

Hubby heard some strange noise that he thought Sam made, sort of a screech. Off he runs downstairs... only to find that it was Loki, pawing at the glass door to come inside. This, of course, riled Sam up more so the angry “let me out” continues.

Of course I didn’t get pictures of Sam’s swim, as I was too busy freaking out and worrying about him.

We got to the swim place and they fitted him with a nice life jacket, very stylish (of course no pictures), we filled out the paperwork and stuff, and then took him back to the pool area. They are very nice there. Hooked his life jacket up to a long lead, and hubby helped get Sam onto the ramp. Sam wanted nothing to do with the water, so the pool guy just stood there with him and petting him and told him what a good boy he was to get him use to just standing on the ramp. When it came time to get off the ramp, Sam wasn’t too keen about that idea at all, and tried to swim back to the side immediately. Another pool person hooked a long lead to him and that way they were able to get him out to the middle of the pool, support him better, and make him swim. When the pup got to the middle of the pool, he actually swam pretty darn good, although he didn’t look too thrilled about it. He swam 4 laps and then they let him get out for a rest. Then back in again (once again, not thrilled at all about that) for another 4 laps and then we let him out for good.

He seemed very energized from the swim, and very happy to be on dry land, but I think he liked it, or at least liked that it was over. Since he helped out the most, hubby was sopping wet from the swim, getting Sam in and out of the pool, holding him so he wouldn’t try to escape, etc. They all went into the back room to get rinsed, and then blow dried. Although it didn’t get him completely dry, he was pretty dry and raring to move. Totally energized from the swim, he was a pup on a mission, full of energy. I liked seeing that in him, that spark in his eyes.

We walked him to a grassy area and let him pee before putting him back in the truck crate. He zonked out pretty fast once the truck got moving. Got him home and back to his recovery area, he was hungry, but I only made him a small amount of blue buffalo gruel, which he licked the bowl clean, and then ate some kibble. We pilled him, took him out for a good poo, and then told him to go into his crate, which he did willingly. We’re hoping that the exercise will help him sleep good tonight, and do expect a bit of soreness in him tomorrow from the exercise.

I think it went very well. Its really hard not freaking out. He did inhale a bit of water at first and gacked it out, he doesn’t look at all pleased to be in there, his eyes all worried, but that could be us misinterpreting his facial expression. I mean, he looked incredibly happy after the fact, so who knows? I think it would be better if he would willingly go into the water and swim around, not seemingly need to be dragged around the pool, but according to the pool people, he did very well for his swim. They’ve seen some dogs that were terrified of the water, or were poor swimmers, but once he got moving, he did amazingly well.

So, we’re going to see how he is tomorrow, and discuss further swimming at that place. Its close by, we can be in the pool area with him in case something happens, and if it helps him... maybe he’ll learn to like it once he does it a few times. Oh who am I kidding... he’s a husky.

Not a peep out of him yet. I expect that he’ll be very sleepy all night, and hopefully will let us sleep in again tomorrow.