Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sam's Recovery Day 31: 28 January 2007

Last night we came downstairs to take Sam out for his final pee before bed, and the poor sleepy boy refused to leave the crate. He was so zonked out from his swim session that he barely woke up, and certainly was NOT moving out of that crate. We figured that if he had to go to the bathroom, he would wake me up in the middle of the night and let me know he needed to go out, but by 8:30am when I woke up, he was just laying in the crate patiently waiting for me to wake up.

When we did let him out, he seemed much stronger and had more control over his back legs. He did his usual morning pee, and wanted back inside for food. He ate some kibble and his usual Blue Buffalo gruel. I only gave him half of his pre-surgery bowl of food, I didn’t want him to over eat like he did yesterday and then throw up again. He licked the bowl clean and then settle down for a post breakfast nap. I don’t have the heart to wake him up for his Pred and Doxy. I’m not going to Ace him today because I think he’s still a bit zonked from the swim.

We almost forgot about Sam, he’s been so quiet in his crate today, still totally worn out from the swim. We went down and he was ready to go out, but probably didn’t feel the need or energy to tell us he needed to go out. He had a good walk, and I’m still making him do all of the walking, only using the sling to catch him if he loses balance, so he was pretty worn out again after 2 circles of the yard.

Back in for lunch and he really went to town on the gruel, and even ate a whole small bowl of kibble. I filled the kong with the gruel he didn’t eat and put it in his crate, and he was more than happy to follow it inside and plop down again. He’s been quiet ever since. He did squeek a few times when I left and then brought some groceries into the house, but settled right down again. Now I have to think (and worry, and fret) was the 8 laps too much for him? Did we do more harm than good? Is this what he’s suppose to go through? I don’t recall him being this mellow after the first one, even though it wasn’t as much as the second one, but still.... These are the thoughts that ramble through your head during recovery and drive you insane and wear you down.

In a half hour it’ll be his normal out time, so we’ll see how active he is then. If he continues to be worn out, I’m not going to give him the Ace. I don’t want him to be so zonked that he doesn’t remember he needs to pee when he has to. I’m just glad to see him with an appetite.

Yep, like an alarm clock, Sam is awake and demanding his attention. We took him out for a good pee and poo, and back in he came, went through one small bowl of kibble, then the gruel. His appetite is so good now. As usual, I let him lounge on the cushy pillow and watch tv with me for a while, then because our dinner was almost ready, and the things I had been procrastinating on all day needed done, I filled his kong with some treats and put him in his crate. He has apparently rested up from his swim day and not happy at all to be in the crate again. I didn’t give him Ace, so I’m hoping he won’t be a butthead tonight as hubby will be sleeping down there on Sammy duty. I get the comfy bed tonight ahhhhh! For some reason I woke up with a sore back this morning. I don’t know if it was the bed, or my leaning over and typing on the computer down there while watching Sam. Either way, my sleepnumber slumber should be really nice tonight.

Ok, off to try to finish up the last of the housework and then go spend some more Sammy time, since we have to work tomorrow and he’ll be locked up a lot. I want to give him some quality time out of the crate and massages and stuff.

I let Sam out of his crate for a bit because he was frantic. Apparently he’s all rested from his swim now and not happy to be in his crate. I did give him an Ace because he was VERY rambunctious, to the point where I could barely keep him from trying to jump on the couch, climb up the stairs, or even run around. That’s the most active I’ve seen him. Loki was barking at him and I wouldn’t have been shocked to see him play bow, which is probably on that big list of things NOT to do.

So, he got Aced tonight, and after he ate a bowl of kibble and drank some water, for his safety and my sanity, I put him back in his crate with a brand new bully stick and fled the scene. He yipped a few times, but I think the lure of the bully stick caught his attention.

I’m guessing that we’re into the next step of his recovery. Before it was making sure he was comfortable, that his incision didn’t get infected, that he didn’t twist funky and make him rest so that his spine would heal. Now we’re getting into the feeling better, still needs rest and not a lot of activity, but since he’s feeling better we need to keep him from doing things that will still hinder his recovery process and make sure he doesn’t overdo it. I’m just guessing that more and more he’s not going to want to be in his crate for as long as he has been, and that’s fine because I’ll spend the time down there with him so he has out of crate time, but I’m also guessing that it’ll be harder and harder for us to keep him settled down while he’s out of the crate. So, its another catch 22 situation in the road to recovery.

He’s done so well this far, and except for the stress and juggling, the sleeping on the aero bed, the disruption of the routine, it hasn’t been all that bad. of course, I need to read through the daily events and relive the stress and fear to realize that it has been very stressful, and scary. There are still unknowns to face, like whether he’ll ever be able to do stairs, or play with the other pups, or run as fast, or be his goofy self.

So, as we turn this slight corner to better days, and more active Sammy, we still have to be careful. He’s only half way, so we can’t let our guard down, we can’t lift his restrictions until the surgeon says to, and we have to look toward a future of being careful with him.