Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sam's Recovery Day 33: 30 January 2007

I have to admit that I’m so incredibly tired and brain dead today due to the Sammy schedule. We have a good routine going, its almost a clock-work type thing now where we are able to give Sam his quality time out of the crate, spend some time with Meeshka and Loki, and do some of the normal household things.

I use to let Loki and Meeshka out when I got home, then let them back in to take care of Sam, but since he’s being very good in his crate, and since we’ve got his Pred down to a smaller does, I don’t feel the need to rush down there to get him before the Sammy pee dam bursts. This allows me to come home, let Meeshka and Loki out, and actually go outside with them, give them some quality play time before coming back in and spending Sammy quality time. This has quelled some of the Meeshka temper tantrums, and has appeased the playful Loki’s urge to race around the yard like a loon.

At lunch today, Sam was very cute. He dutifully ate his gruel and kibble and followed me into the other room to see what I was doing. He seemed pleased that he was allowed into another room, as I’m sure the downstairs living room is becoming boring to him. Since he was being good, I left him down in the other room to make their post-lunch kongs of peanut butter, and a tasty dog cookie. When I came back downstairs with his kong and cookie, he did a little happy dance and skittered into his crate all excited. It was so cute.

Tonight he’s being a crate brat, and I have to admit that its probably my fault. Normally we let him eat, then lay around for a half hour before pilling him. Tonight he looked so comfy that I didn’t want to wake him, so he got his pills much later than normal. When I crated him and went up to cook dinner, he threw a fit. At one point, he warbled a woo so pathetic that hubby felt that was a potty ER woo, so we took him out. He did have a loooong pee, so it was worth the unscheduled out.

Earlier I had given him his nightly massage, and he just ooooozes and rolls his eyes when he gets the massage. I must be hitting some sensitive spots, because in some places during the massage, his tail twitches slightly. I find it odd that after his massages, he’s really hungry. Anyone want to venture a guess as to why that is?

Well, since its getting late, and since I am already tired and brain dead, just wanted to say that Day 33 went fine and Sammy continues to show his true husky spirit.