Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sam's Recovery Day 10: 7 January 2006

Sam slept like a log last night. I kept waking up feeling cold for some reason, and every time I looked over at him, he was happily asleep. We’re guessing that the pill on the floor was from the morning, and that explains his very active behavior all that day. Either that or the poo from the night wore him out.

At 5am we did the usual morning routine, with him eating part of his food, trying to scoot the bowl away with his nose, opening up the little sore on his nose, wiping the blood off his nose, etc. etc. This time when we pilled him, we watched him like hawks.

He slept again until I woke up at 8:30, then continued sleeping until I left at 9:45am to go to the pet cemetery for weekly cleanup. On the way back, I stopped at Costco and picked up some more roasts, and found that they had a good variety of canned meats, such as chicken, turkey, and beef. I filled the cart up.

Got home, and Sam was awake. Outside for his noon pee and then offered him the canned chicken, which he ate happily. He’s currently scratching at his crate and throwing a fit. We’re ignoring him and actually taking advantage of his fit by cleaning. We figure that since he’s up, we might as well vacuum and do other things that need to be done while he’s awake. He’s currently wooing pathetically in his crate. I hate that. I want to go cuddle with him, but he needs to be alone, needs to be resting, and my going down there will only rile him up more and make it harder for him to settle down.

We’ve at least figured out that when he’s in sad woo mode, he’s usually laying down and just complaining, which makes us feel somewhat better... but sitting here listening to the sad woo doesn’t make it easier.

We took him out at 5pm and he peed up a storm. We did notice when we brought him back in that the incision is weeping just a bit, a little bit of blood and serum. Its nothing major and I think it looks as though he bonked the incision on his crate while getting in or out. His temp has been the highest today at 102.6, so its enough to be concerned about. We’ll be calling the surgeon tomorrow anyway for their update and to ask about these things, along with whether we should sedate him the morning of his followup. I’m sure they’ll just ask us to keep an eye on him and bring him in as scheduled for the follow up. We made sure he got his antibiotics and other pills (he gacked out the antibiotics, but I shoved it back in him). He’s very active, wants to go go go, and is being a pain about eating. We managed to coax him into eating things, but not as much as he normally eats. We do know that due to his lack of exercise, and being crate restricted that he wouldn’t eat as much, but we’re trying to get him to eat as much as we can.

He did spend an awful lot of time digging as his crate today, and managed to suck a small piece of the sheet, which we’ve now nailed the back part to the wall above his crate, and draped it as far away from the sides and front as possible.

I’ve received a lot of wonderful suggestions by e-mail from people, and most of these suggestions would probably work for a normal dog, but for huskies... sigh. They’re so much more devious than a “normal” dog, and you have to keep thinking ahead of them or else they’ll think of a way to get out, get something, drive you insane.

I know I’ve promised pictures, but every time we go down there, its such a strict routine and drama, that I keep forgetting to take my camera. I was going to take some pictures today, but it started raining, so we’ll be juggling Sam, a leash, the sling, an umbrella and our sanity for our nightly out before we fall asleep, exhausted, into bed and wake up every sound he makes. I’m almost selfishly relieved that I’ll be sleeping in our bed tonight while hubby takes the aerobed duty for the rest of the week. Ah, blessed be those who wake up to an alarm clock in the mornings.