Monday, January 08, 2007

Sam's Recovery Day 11: 8 January 2007

Pouring rain, cranky husky, sleepy humans.

Sam is being a husky butt again, clearly a sign he’s feeling much better. This morning while walking him and carrying an umbrella, he wandered all over the yard in places where it made carrying the umbrella impossible. Next to trees, under the deck, near the fence. He was doing it on purpose. Two good pees and a wiggle butt and he was ready to go inside.

Pills down, temp is normal today 101.3 (yipeeee), incision looks good, no more oozing, and then he played “dump the gruel on the carpet, give me beef chunks please”. No coffee and lack of sleep made that not very funny, but he got hugs anyway. How can you not enjoy the spirit of a husky in a mood... ok, you can enjoy it more after coffee. Hubby stayed downstairs with him for a while and I went up and got hubby some coffee and beef chunks for Sam, which he ate.

Meeshka and Loki are not thrilled about the rain either, so we have three cranky huskies to deal with today, and the weather report isn’t looking good.

Once again, its the guilt of going to work, not being able to spend more time with him even though we keep saying “he needs crate rest, he needs crate rest”, and not spending more time with Meeshka and Loki because of the care we spend on Sam. Its just one big ol guilt fest at our house.

Ok, time to prep the dog kongs and gather my work stuff (pray that my umbrella is in the truck) and get to work for my 4 hour worry fest.

Raring to go and thankfully with no rain, Sam was a peeing puppy. He was very chipper outside, probably glad that we weren’t holding that stupid umbrella over him. We thought for sure that he’d want some beef cubes for lunch, but no. We thought we figured him out that he wouldn’t eat the same thing twice in a row. I mixed up some canned dog food, water, and pumpkin and he licked that right up though. Ok, fine, we’ll try something else for dinner.

Sam let us know that he was awake and ready to go out. Raring to go, the boy had a pee fest, and even tried to do the scraping all legs happy pee dance, but we made him stop. Its good that he’s feeling better, but good lord its only been two weeks. We’re afraid he’ll break into a million pieces.

Inside for dinner, and I mixed him a wonderful Turkey, turkey water, and nutrical gruel. He ate some of it, but not with a lot of happiness. Good lord, he’s never been a picky eater, and I’m hoping its the medication that is putting him off his feed, or else we’re going to have a problem child when he gets better.

Pilling time went ok, he’s getting devious about my shoving the pills down his throat, but since he’s not eating all of his food, its the only alternative. Nothing tempts him at all, so I can’t hide it in a goody of any kind. Plus he’s the master of eating the goody and spitting out the pill. By the thermometer, I’m predicting a poo tonight, which may be why he’s wooing now at 7:24pm. He does this sometimes to see if he can get attention, so we’re trying to ignore him for a bit and see if he settles down on his own. We did order pizza, which got him a bit riled up when it arrived, so I’m thinking he’s looking for attention. Or we’ll have a crate to clean later.

Hubby called with the update and asked if we should Ace him that morning before his follow up appointment. They said that the slight oozing was normal, and that we should try not to Ace him before the appointment. OH YEAH, RIGHT! Sammy will be riding to the appointment in his crate then, because I’m not gonna be wrestling him around loose in the back of the 4-runner. We also want to show and ask them about his right back leg, which appears to have less control than his left leg.

Sammy history lesson: Sam was born with horrible hips. The left hip barely had a socket, and the femur bone was pointed and rubbed against the socket. The right hip was totally out of socket, but was floating around in muscle and not grinding on anything. Since the left hip was grinding and causing him pain, we opted to get that one replaced. The right hip wasn’t causing him pain, and his surgeon felt that his muscles were already forming a natural socket for that femur, that there was a possibility that if we did a hip replacement on that side, his muscles would naturally try to grab the femur out of the new socket and dislocate it.

So now his right leg (the floater) appears to have less control. We’re concerned that maybe when he lost the use of his legs when the rupture occurred, that it was thrown even more out of whack. I don’t even want to think of what that will cost to fix if that’s the case. We’re just hoping that perhaps its a side effect of the rupture that will get better as he gets his strength back and heals. So, just keep thinking that.

Sammy was throwing such a fit in his crate that we thought for sure a poo was on the way. We took him out and he did pee a river, but no poo. He was very pleased about the whole peeing thing as usual. We cleaned him up with baby wipes (lesson learned, see about getting non-smelly baby wipes, as he HATES the smell of those things, and personally we aren’t too thrilled with them either), let him eat a bit more since he wanted to. He drank some water and then back in his crate, even though he wasn’t too keen about that. He began caterwauling almost immediately and at one point I thought I heard the distinct sound of sheet being dragging into the crate to be sucked, and ran down there. He was just so upset over not being with people that he licked my hand when I stuck it in the crate. He’s not one for “kisses”, so I lay on the aero bed beside the crate and stuck my hand through the bars and petted and scratched him and he immediately calmed down, lay down and cleaned himself up.

I lay down there for a good half hour until he got comfy and finally dozed off. Of course that was about the time that Meeshka and Loki wanted to play, which got him riled up a bit. I tossed them both outside and then chased Loki around the yard a few times. The poor thing just wanted to full tilt run around the yard and play a bit, get some attention. He and Meeshka played on the deck for a bit and then when they had enough, came in and everyone settled down for the night.

Of course, now I’m totally frazzled. Hubby had been spending quite a bit of his free time with Sam for the past few days and so I gave him tonight off to play World of Warcraft (lesson learned: don’t play this game, you’ll get addicted and sucked in).

We’re closing in on the two week mark... only 6 more weeks to go! Yes, I forgot to take pictures of him. I PROMISE to remember tomorrow, really I will.