Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Sam's Recovery Day 12: 9 January 2007

The morning comes way too quickly for some reason. Sam continues to do very well, he’s impatient to get out the crate and go do his business, but very happy after peeing, trying to scratch his victory dance now, which we try to keep him from doing.

We’ve discovered that a very soupy gruel of canned dog food and pumpkin is what he’ll lap down with the least trouble. At least he’s getting his water that way, and he seems to enjoy it a lot more. His temperature is good, and his surgical scar is healing well, except for the top part which still weeps a bit, but doesn’t look too bad. I think I figured out why, as he scrapes his back against the cage when he lays down on his side. Poor thing.

As one of us gets ready for work, the other will spend some time with him, and the other spends time with Meeshka and Loki, then we switch. He’s gotta be lonely there, and he’s showing some interest in dashing up the stairs to be with the other dogs.

At lunch time: Sam 3, Sheets 0. He got ahold of our last sheet, and so we’ve decided not to cover the crate anymore. We can’t have him choking on sheets that he insists on sucking on. He had a good outing and came back in, licked up his gruel. Of course while we were feeding him, the other pups had eaten and were outside. I came out to check on them and found Loki trying to dig under the fence with Meeshka laying beside him egging him on. I swear, if its not one thing, its another.

I got home from work first for the afternoon and let the two pups out, followed them outside for two reasons 1.) they won’t play without an audience, and 2.) so I would hear Sam complaining and feel bad for him. Hubby made it home and we took him out. He’s got a poo working itself close (I can tell from the thermometer), and yet he’s not ready to perform apparently. He does circle and circle in his area and sometimes he’ll try to squat, but loses balance and apparently that just throws the whole process off.

He got his pills and temp and food. He’s very rambunctious when we get home because the sedation is wearing off. We took him out again at 8:30pm because he was scratching at his crate and we figured it was poo time, but no. He circled and circled and peed a lot, and finally he looked like he was pooing, but he could have been peeing, he seemed incredibly happy afterwards, but when I went back out with the flashlight I didn’t see anything.

When we got him back in from that outing, he was raring to go, wanting to get past the gate and run up the stairs, then had the gall to try to jump on the couch. Its going to be real fun tomorrow when we don’t give him his ace and have to take him for an hour car drive to his 2 week follow up. He’s going in a crate because there’s just no way I’ll be able to hold him still in that truck. This is a much better trip than our last ones, where he was unable to move his back legs, or when he was still very sore from the surgery.

Yes, I forgot to take pictures. I’m sorry, but his care and treatment just leave my brain to mush, but we are going to take our cameras with us tomorrow to capture his 2 week follow up and dunk in the pool. I need to remember to take towels with us. Huskies absorb a LOT of water.

Although we aren’t going to work tomorrow, we still don’t get to sleep in because we’ll have to get up early to prepare for the trip to the vet.

Sorry for such a lame entry today, but the lack of sleep, Sammy care, Meeshka and Loki attention, and housework have taken its toll and I’m completely brain dead at this point. I actually tried to put the canned dog food in the microwave this afternoon, and couldn’t remember where I kept the can opener which has been in the same drawer since we moved in the house about 11 years ago.

I’m sure tomorrow will be more eventful, with pictures of the amazing Sammy-winks recovery.