Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Sam's Recovery Day 13: 10 January 2007

My hopes for sleeping in until 6am were dashed at 4:45am when Meeshka demanded to go outside. Sam woke up hearing us move around, and of course he demanded to go out. No poo today either. He’s circling like he has to poo, but gets distracted, or hasn’t worked it up enough. Sigh. Plus its freezing out there.

He’s currently howling in his crate, which I probably should go down there and settle him down. Of course today is the no Ace day because of his follow up visit.

Well, Sam is now screaming, pretty much, he wants out, and I hope our neighbors can’t hear that going on. I was sitting down there with him, but he was still screaming, and with little sleep, and little patience... you can only take so much. I came upstairs hoping that he would settle down some, but he continues to make a racket. Loki isn’t helping by barking and running around like a nutcase. Its a madhouse this morning, a total madhouse. Hubby is in the shower, I’m waiting my turn, and hopefully Sam will settle down a bit. He’s now digging at his crate to go out.

Maybe I’ll go hide in the bathroom too.

Hubby went down to be with Sam and so far he’s been quiet. Sammy is a daddy’s boy, so I guess that’s all he wanted. I’m pretty sure that hubby fell asleep on the aero bed down there, but hey, I don’t blame him.

At 8:15am we had managed to get the crate in the truck, kong Meeshka and Loki, gather up Sam and carry him out to the truck and into the crate, and were on the road, to which hubby announces that he’s out of gas in the truck. Ok, we’re still a bit early, so we stop for gas, to which hubby announces that he forgot his wallet. We use my credit card, get gas, turn around and head back for home to get his wallet.

At 8:45am now running a bit late, we head out with everything we need. Sam is restless in the crate (remember, no sedative today), and we’re on the road. Luckily traffic is light and we’re making good time. Mid-way there, Sam decides to scream the rest of the way there. I’m sitting next to him, and am now deaf. Hubby has a headache.

We arrive at 10am, a half hour early. Happy to be out of the crate, Sam pees on the grass and is actually pulling us toward the hospital. This is quite the change from when we use to take him to see his orthopedist, and we would have to drag him in, then he’d pee on a vet tech. They showed us to a room quickly and got our information, checked his pulse and his temperature. I showed the tech where his hot spot was and she said she would gladly shave that area for us to get rid of the matting. We lay on the floor and told her to take her time.

He arrived back much too quickly for a nap, and now he’s got ANOTHER bare patch. The poor guy looks moth eaten, but he’s very happy and rambunctious. The doctor came in and saw him and was amazed at how well he was doing. He asked about his medications and we told him that he has one or two days of the antibiotic left, one or two days of the pain pills left, and only a few days of Ace left and for the LOVE OF GAWD CAN WE HAVE MORE! He laughed, and apologized and told us that if he gets way too rambunctious, we can give him 2 Ace pills for a good night’s sleep. WOOOHOOO. He would refill the ace and give us enough to last for the crate restriction.

After the exam, and a thumbs up from the surgeon, we took him down the hall for his first pool therapy. He wasn’t too thrilled with the life jacket, but tolerated it well. Into the pool he went and initially he was not happy at all with the water, but mellowed out a bit... sorta. He was using his back legs to paddle and the therapist said that was a great sign, explained to us how the water therapy is great for building up muscle mass that he’s lost and getting him back into shape. She recommended water therapy three times a week. EEP! We asked if there was a water therapy place a little closer to our house, as we just couldn’t see missing out of work three

times a week to drive an hour there and back. She said there is one closer to our house that she recommended. Now we just have to figure out when we can get him there. Fridays wouldn’t be a problem for me because I’m cutting my work schedule down and am off on fridays, but we’ll have to call and see if they have after work water therapy hours (I hope, I hope).

He was pretty mellow once he got out of that pool, and wet. He was nice enough to soak us when he shook, and we talked to the water therapist about doing some muscle massage on his legs to keep them from spasming, and she suggested we get some A/D food to feed him, because he should be getting a lot of food during his recovery. The surgeon mentioned that the antibiotics may be stunting his appetite, as it tends to upset their stomachs, and he should get an appetite again after we’re done with his pills. She also told us to try to make him stand and walk a bit more, using the sling less and less so he’s actually using his muscles, but not overdoing it. Oh, the scab on his back actually washed off in the pool, which they said is both normal and good, since it needed debrided anyway, so it doesn’t look as nasty as before with all the goo on it. We’re also glad that we seem to be doing all of the right things, and the doctor was very impressed with our Sam chart where we mark off when he gets his pills and the times he goes to the bathroom, he even photocopied it for his records.

He’s not scheduled for a recheck until the 8 week mark, at which point he should be taken off restriction if his recovery goes well. We took our soggy husky back out to the truck, and amazingly enough, he pretty much slept the entire way back. When we got home, we took him straight out back and he pooped, oh boy did he poop.

After feeding him his gruel, and feeding the other two pups, we headed out to pick up the food from our vet, ate some lunch and came back. For the most part, he’s been pretty quiet, just laying in his crate all nice and sleepy. Meeshka woo’d and Loki yapped and woke him up, so he’s been complaining a bit, but he should settle down (hopefully) soon.

Both hubby and I are to the point of total exhaustion right now. At least we know he’s doing great! He’s well on his way to recovery, and he did good in the pool. We’ll be calling the water therapy place near us tomorrow to find out their hours and what we need to do to get him in there for therapy sessions. Right now I can’t even think straight. I’m ready for bed actually right now (its only 3:40pm).

A rip roaring Sam was just itching to get out of that crate and do some major pee. He could barely contain his excitement getting out of the crate, and hubby had a hard time holding him long enough for me to put the sling around him. He had a good walk around the yard, and this time I barely used the sling (except to catch him if he slipped or lost his footing) and he walked around pretty well.

Got him inside and did the oogie pilling. He hates the pills, so its a battle, and his temp was normal once again. He seemed mellow, so we let him sit down, we turned on the tv, we both lay on the floor and then he lay down and we had a very nice pay attention to Sam half hour, watching tv and scratching his bald spots. Meeshka was not happy he was getting all that attention.

After a bit, we put him back in his crate and I fixed dinner for the pups. Tonight was the big “will he eat it” on the new food we got from the vet. Well, the answer to that question is a big thumbs up! Without mixing any water in it, its a soft pate like consistency anyway, he licked that stuff up and licked the bowl. I’m going to need to order more of that stuff if he eats it tomorrow morning!

After a bit of complaining, he’s now lounging quietly in his crate... yes, he got his Ace pill, only because we REALLY need the rest. I can barely hold my eyes open now. He’s had a very good day indeed, and we’re both excited that he could spend some quiet time outside of his crate with us and not be a fool, and that he clearly enjoyed his dinner this time. Knock on wood, things are looking up.