Thursday, January 11, 2007

Sam's Recovery Day 14: 11 January 2007

Oh glorious sleep until 5:30am. Meeshka tried to wake me at 4 and I told her she was insane and needed to go back to sleep... amazingly enough she did.

Its still very hard waking up, letting the healthy ones out, getting dressed, letting them back in, going downstairs, strapping Sammy up and going outside in the cold without any coffee to walk him around. Brutal I tell you!

Sam is down to only a few pills left, his last pills are tomorrow, so he’ll be glad that’s over with. He HATES taking pills. Its a battle and a half getting them down and keeping them down him (once again, early in the morning, no coffee, probably makes things even more difficult than normal). Of course, he’ll still get his sleepy time pill after this, but at least that’s only one pill.

This morning we lay down on the floor with him and watched a bit of tv. Meeshka was very jealous of this and complain loudly. Sammy just lay there and enjoyed all of the attention. We massaged his back legs like we were instructed, to help with the possible spasms that he may get from being in the crate so much. He enjoyed all of the attention.

He wasn’t that keen on the A/D food this morning as he was the other day. He did lick some, but for some reason keeps trying to push the bowl away with his head. We think he’s saying “take it away and bring me steak”, but we can’t be sure. I had a spoon downstairs, so I just started spooning it into a kong that we’ve been putting into his crate, and as we went upstairs to get ready for work, he was happily licking at the kong in his crate. Hey, whatever works.

Hubby was running late and I got home first. I came inside and let the other pups out first, fixed our lunch, fixed their lunch, then when hubby did get home we went down to take Sam out. While I was waiting, Sam was very patient, and once in a while I would hear a little “woo?” Like “um, excuse me, but did you forget me?” It was both cute, and very sad. Poor thing.

He had fun walking around the yard. I’m still making him do more of the work, just using the sling to make sure he doesn’t fall or lose his balance. He’s wearing out pretty easily and after a few circuits around the yard, well before his 10 minutes of out time are over, he’s walking toward the back door with a purpose.

Once again, not too keen on the whole A/D food again, but he ate part of my sandwich. I took the bowl upstairs and put it in his kong and gave him a cookie also. When we left he was happily licking the kong and eating his cookie.

Sammy was not happy when we came in. He was wide awake, wanted out, and he wanted out NOW!!! So did the other dogs, but since they’re healthy, Sam won out (for which I’m sure Meeshka will make me pay for). He had a good turn in the yard, preferring to follow hubby around, so we just meandered around, he found a few good pee spots and then got tired and headed for the door again. This time he REALLY wanted to go upstairs with the other pups. He was bound and determined that he wanted up those stairs. Nothing could keep him from trying... well, yes, we did keep him from trying, but he was insistent.

I let the other pups out, fixed their dinner (I stopped at the store and got some buffalo burger meat), and they were very pleased with it. Sam... not so much at all. Sure, he licked some of the food, but didn’t eat a whole lot. Once again, got the kong and stuffed it full of the food, and once he had his lounge around time, most of which was spent trying to get up the stairs despite the baby gate, back in the crate and he was like “ooh, a kong, I’ll eat that stuff”. I’m thinking I just need to stuff kongs with food and give them to him at this point.

While I cooked dinner, he howled.
While we ate, he howled.
Loki barked at him, which made him howl
Meeshka ran up the hall, which made him howl
He’s been angry puppy all night tonight for some reason. I’m sure its because he’s feeling much better and wants to be with us. I’m guessing that tomorrow while I’m home, it’ll be one giant howl-fest. At the very least, if its nice out, I’ll toss the pups outside and go down there and see if he’ll just lay with me while I work. Give him some quality time.

Tonight we’ll be taking him out an hour early. Our plan is to walk him around and get him some exercise and worn out a bit, then we’ll try to get to bed earlier and get some more sleep than we have been. He has 15 minutes to wait until we take him out, and from the sounds coming out of the baby monitor, I’m guessing he’s trying to dig the crate tray up. He’s not a happy puppy at all.