Friday, January 12, 2007

Sam's Recovery Day 15: 12 January 2007

Its screaming banshee Sam day!

He’s been very angry at being in the crate, a good sign that he’s getting better and sick of the crate thing. Its been nothing but non-stop (well, for an hour or two there is a rest) howling, woooing, screaming, clawing, pathetic whining.

This morning (after he didn’t want to eat out of a bowl, but ate it out of his kong) he went on for about 2 hours.

At lunch when he wouldn’t eat, but ate it out of his kong, he went on for an hour, had an hour nap, continued shrieking for an hour, napped, shriek, nap, etc. I went down and lay on the aero bed (trying hard not to fall asleep) and he settled down after a half hour and napped. I moved, he woke up, and thankfully went back to sleep.

Its 4:20pm, luckily hubby is coming home early, because it sounds like he REALLY wants to go out now.

He took his last antibiotic and pain pill today, he’ll still be on the Ace after this, not that its doing any good sometimes, but hey, I’d hate to see his energy level without it at this point.

We’re hoping to take him out and then maybe escaping the house for a bit tonight.

We took him out, tried to feed him, but he wasn’t interested too much in food, but ate his good-bye cookie. We went out and walked around the mall, got a latte and tried to relax a bit, but found ourselves wanting to go home again.

I spent some time downstairs with him, allowing him to lay with me while I watched a bad movie. He was pretty mellow and fine. Of course the moment I put him in the crate, he wanted out again. We ordered some food for delivery and thought we’d have a nice quiet night going for us, then the surgeon called.

Sam’s platelet count is low, 70,000. Apparently normal is 200,000 - 400,000. He’s calling in prescriptions for Doxycycline (antibiotic) and prednisone (steroid) hoping that its Lyme or Erlichia that’s causing it. Sam did have a big tick on his head a few months ago, so we’re hoping that’s the cause and the meds will have him good to go again. Of course, there could be a myriad of really REALLY bad reasons for this, reasons I won’t even mention because I’m freaking out enough as it is and don’t even want to think of those things. Even though this might all be from the trauma and the surgery, we still think the worst.

We’re waiting on our food, which is taking a long time to get delivered, and waiting for the surgeon to call back and tell us that the RX has been put in. He wanted to see Sam next week, but we’re now in the hole as far as vacation is concerned, and can’t take any more time off to drive him an hour away and an hour back. We want to ask if we can take him to our local vet if all he wants to do is get more blood to check his platelet count. Hopefully that is the case and we can schedule him for after work. We both feel torn and helpless now. We want to do what we can for him, but work limits us in our help. If this was a child, there would be no question of us leaving work for a few hours to have some tests run, or to care for the child, but he’s “only” a dog, and we’ve been reminded of that by our bosses, who don’t understand that we don’t have children, we have dogs, but they ARE our children to us!

This is maddening, totally maddening to sit and wait for the phone to ring, and sit and wait for the food to get delivered (which we aren’t hungry now) then to run out and pick up his prescription and get him going now. We also ask why this is happening, why all of these bad things all of a sudden, why does this happen all at once, what forces cause this when we try to be good people in life and in our deeds, why must we always face these things. Why Sam?

Still no food, and no call back from the vet. The waiting is maddening, simply maddening. Luckily CVS doesn’t close until 10pm, but still, we just want the phone to ring, we want our food to get here so we’re not waiting on food to get here, and I’m sick of waiting on things!

Food arrived, we weren’t very hungry, I went down to spend some time with Sam. Got him to eat some food. Hubby called the pharmacy and then went to get his meds. Since the Doxy will give him an upset stomach, we have to make sure he eats before he gets it. While hubby was gone, I offered Sam a piece of blue buffalo kibble, which he didn’t want. So I threw it back into the bowl, but missed and landed on the floor. Sam ate it. Fine, threw another piece of the floor, he ate it. He ate about a handful of kibble that way. We gave him 1 Doxy and 1 Pred... then I read they Doxy label and it says to give two. Sigh, up to the phone and call the pharmacy to confirm, and yes, its 2 pills twice a day. Go down and managed to get the other pill down him.

We took him outside as usual, and he pooped a good one and was very happy. After the freak out phone call, his poo and the happy I poo’d puppy dance he did, everything seemed to be ok. As he sniffed the yard, we tried to settle down, and say that maybe it was just Lyme, maybe it is just because he had major trauma and surgery, maybe the pills will make everything alright, he’ll be fine, he looks fine, he acts fine, he’s got a lot of energy, and his gums are nice and pink. We are now in the rationalization stage of freaking out.

We brought him back in and spent some more time with him. By this time, Sam is pretty much wore out, laying on the floor half asleep. We watch him like hawks, waiting for any sign of anything. By now its 10pm. I tried to get Meeshka and Loki to play in the yard with me, as they’ve been summarily ignored most of the night (poor things, so there’s that guilt going on as well). With nothing else to do, we decide to go to bed. I sleep downstairs (note to self: need warmer blankets). As we’re putting him back in the crate, hubby notices that the back part of his shaved back is colder than the rest. Great, what does that mean? Reduced blood flow, internal bleeding, its cold downstairs, he was out too long? Now we’re freaking about about everything.

Sam settles down pretty quickly and gets comfortable in his crate. I stay up and watch him breathe, wake up at every movement to make sure he’s ok and still breathing. This really sucks.