Monday, January 01, 2007

Sam's Recovery Day 4: 1 Janaury 2006

The night was pretty uneventful for me, since I was upstairs with Meeshka and Loki last night. Of course at midnight when the neighbors set off their fireworks, Meeshka totally freaked out and clawed me awake. Even putting a shirt on her, which normally works with thunderstorms, didn’t work, so I just had to keep from being clawed until the fireworks stopped, and then I fell asleep again until the morning.

Of course, since we’ve faced some challenges with the “schedule” and trying to make everything a routine, it has to be pouring ass rain, so now we’re juggling the sling, a leash, Sam, and an umbrella to carry over him. Grand.

So, at 7am (when we all woke up) we took him out, juggling everything, and he walked around, seemed interested in a few spots, lost his balance and the pee mood was soured. Brought him back in and took his temperature (101.2), gave him his pills, and he ate the pouch puppy food except for the peas, apparently he doesn’t like peas.

We sat downstairs with him, simulating that one or the other of us would probably sit down there with him while the other was getting ready for work, and then took him outside, simulating his last out before we went to work. He was very whiney and howly while we sat there. Don’t know if it was because we were sitting there and he wanted out to be with us, or he was just being a pain in the butt. Outside after a lot of fussing as if he needed to go out and nothing. He’s very distracted by the umbrella, the noises, the rain, the cars going by, the wind.

After we brought him back in and put him in his crate, offered him water, we put the cover over his crate, turned off the lights and went upstairs to simulate us going to work. Everything was fine, just some mournful woos once in a while, more like him trying to see if anyone would come downstairs and comfort him. Then I let Meeshka and Loki in, Loki barked and now he’s more insistent on getting someone down there. I’ve locked Meeshka and Loki up in the computer room with me to see if I can keep them quiet so he’ll go back to sleep.

I googled pumpkin for constipation and found that it is recommended for not only getting things to move, but also good for diarrhea, so I’ll be leaving soon to go get a can of canned pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filler). I called the local grocery store to see if they were open (they are), so I’ll be toodling off soon for pumpkin. I want to time my leaving at about the time when we would be getting ready to come home for lunch and his 12pm out and feeding thing. Hopefully that will get things moving in the right direction.

We heard a more than usual gusto WOOOO coming from the baby monitor, so I decided to head to the grocery store for pumpkin. I got my stuff and walked down the stairs and looked into the living room and there was Sam, sitting in his crate looking oh so pleased with himself. He had taken the sheet that we draped over the crate and had pulled it into the crate. He was smiling, so happy at his handiwork. I went up and told hubby he had to see HIS dog. Hubby was amused, and apparently the pathetic woos were more bored dog than in pain dog, as he seemed pretty cheerful about the whole sheet thing.

Scored 10 cans of pure pumpkin at the grocery store and picked out some cheap chew toys for him, made it home and he was covered back up and zonked again.

Fed Loki and Meeshka and gave them some pumpkin (why not, Loki has anal gland issues on occasion, so what could it hurt), and then went downstairs to feed Sam. Made a HUGE deal of mixing the canned pumpkin in his food, he licked some and then decided he didn’t like that food (that he ate earlier this morning). Sigh, fine, so I put some pumpkin on my hand, which he licked some of, but not a lot. Fine! Got the satin balls and squished them in some pumpkin, which he ate, but then decided he only wanted the ones that hadn’t touched the pumpkin.

Took him out. There were some pee possibilities, good sniffing, but no pee. There was some pee in his crate though, not a lot. He stayed out for about 5 minutes and didn’t produce, so back inside he went for his afternoon nap. He fretted for a bit, then settled down again.

A little later on when it stopped raining, I went out back with Loki and raked all of the sticks and leaves from Sam’s usual walking area. Loki ever so kindly marked up all of the trees and leaf piles back there, so I’m hoping that will get Sam all mad and marking back there as well.

I just googled pumpkin cookies for dogs and found an easy treat to make with pumpkin. Hey, any way I can get that freakin pumpkin down him I’ll go for.

The cookies are baked, hope he likes them. Only one more hour of seclusion for the little fella and then our schedule is that we’ll come home from work.

I got downstairs and uncover the Sammy jail and plop the cookies on the carpet and open the side down. He’s very interested in the cookies (Meeshka and Loki tried them earlier and gave them their pup seal of approval). He tries to take a whole one out of my hand, I break off a piece, but he doesn’t want the piece he wants the big piece in my hand. Ok, fine, he tries to bite a small piece off the big piece, but can’t do it, so I break a piece off, but he spits that out and goes for the big piece. Ok, fine! He tries and tries, so finally I break off a small piece and pretend its still connected, and he eats it. I do this for 2 cookies until he figures it out and refuses to eat any more.

We both spend some quality time with him, and then take him outside, where after much sniffing, he pees a river, and was so happy about peeing a river he got all excited and bouncy, which we held him to make him stop and scratched his shaved spots lightly, which he LOVES. No poop. Sigh

Take him inside and let him be for a bit after some leaning time outside of the crate.

Feeding time. I mushed up the puppy food, removing the peas first, since he wasn’t too keen on the peas this morning, add some satin ball meats and a little pumpkin, moosh it all together and add some water. Take it downstairs and make a big deal over it, hand it to hubby who presents it to him. He licked until the “broth” was gone, then started pushing the bowl away with his nose. I add more warm water, he laps that up until its gone, pushes away with his nose. Add more warm water, same thing. He’s weird. He’s chewed weird for quite some time now, and we’ve had him checked and there’s nothing wrong with his jaw, mouth, or teeth... he’s just weird. Locked him back up to let the food simmer for a while.

Meds, and temp (101.2), a little leaning time, then out for a poo attempt. He seemed as though he wanted to put. He paced along the back where his normal poo spot was, seemed a bit anxious, and finally paced so much he sat down suddenly, so we told him he was a good boy and carried him back inside.

On the advice of some friends of mine, I mixed together mushed up green beans, pumpkin, and the satin ball mixture. I mooshed it onto a human plate and took it downstairs. My friends told me this was the end all, be all can’t resist mixture that will get a poop out of him. I’m willing to try anything, so down it went, and when offered... Sam put his nose up, wouldn’t touch it. Fine, so I sat there holding up the plate and sure enough, he started licking it. As long as I kept the mixture to a thin layer, he continued to lick and eat it. He ate about a cup of this stuff except for a small blob that he managed to bloop onto my lap. Woohoo, now we’ll wait and see if that makes anything move.