Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Sam's Recovery Day 5: 2 January 2006

Sammy wooing softly on the baby monitor woke me up, so I took the other pups out, then fed them, then went down to wake the soundly sleeping hubby. I am brain dead.

After gathering whatever wits we have left, we took him outside, where he had a good pee, but no poo yet still. Back inside where he was inspected
incision looks less swollen and not hot to touch
hot spot still dry and getting smaller scab
temp 101.4 (good)
pills down the hatch

Back in his crate while I went upstairs to make his breakfast of mashed green beans, satin ball, and pumpkin, mushed into a goo and spread over a plate. I had black coffee. He licked up the whole thing.

He’s in his crate complaining now while we “go about getting ready for work”. I have a doctor’s appointment at 8:30am so I really should get in the shower. I don’t think they’d appreciate me showing up covered in dog hair and pee, although I wear the pee proudly... at least he’s peeing. Hubby is sacked out in bed, Meeshka and Loki are outside on the deck being devious.

We called the surgeon with our update and they told us to continue the pumpkin feeding, and to try to cram him with as much fiber as possible to get a poo out of him. The W/D is chock full of fiber, which is why they send that food home with their patients, but if we had fiber filled things to feed him and he would eat them, then cram him with whatever fiber bountiful things we could. I’m about to go prepare some fiber filled foods for him now and let it set at room temperature (since he doesn’t like cold food) in preparation for his noon out and feeding. GO FIBER!

We also scheduled his 2 week follow up for 10:30 on the 10th. This follow-up will also include a rehab stint in the pool for him. We will take our cameras and get pictures to post of him in the pool, probably drowning the poor therapy person, since he’s not a big fan of the water. It should prove very interesting.

Ok, we have a very lovely goo mixture of W/D, satin balls, green beans, and pumpkin all mixed up in a bowl, ready to be smeared on a plate for Sam’s dining enjoyment in a half hour. Meeshka supervised, and was at all pleased that she wasn’t given the opportunity to lick the fork.

Went down and fed Sam, who continues to bonk the plate with his nose and insist that the goop is spread into a thin layer on the plate before licking it up. He did eat quite a bit of the mixture, so that’s a good thing.

We took him out and apparently no pee or poo, but the sling seemed wet when we brought him in, we don’t know if that was from the pee this morning, or he managed to pee on it again. We were watching, but he’s tricky.

He’s really howling loud now. I have the baby monitor cranked down and he’s just wooing and wailing, not happy at all. We did put a new sheet over his crate and propped it up in such a way that he can’t grab it and pull it into the crate with him. He may be mad about that. I also put sheets up in front of the blinds to block out more light and make it darker in there.

After a lot of howling, complaining, whining, more complaining, restless movement, and more complaining, it was finally time to go downstairs and spend some quality time with Sam per our schedule. We let him out of the crate to see if he wanted to eat first, but he really REALLY wanted to go outside, so out he went.

First there was a good pee, and the happy pee dance. Then he started pacing back and forth near his normal poo area. Hubby moved well away, since he is a shy pooper, and I tried to follow him more toward the rear while holding the sling and helping him walk. He thought he found a spot, but then changed his mind and went to another spot and YES WE HAD POOP!!!!! It was a good poop too, he was able to squat and poop without too much discomfort and we all did the happy poop dance of joy. I never thought I would cry for poop, but I did tear up.

We came back inside and let him stay out of the crate for a longer period of time. He didn’t want the W/D, pumpkin, hamburger mush stuff, but he did eat a good portion of the beef log type dog food that we also bought him. It sorta looks like reject hickory farms beef log. We cut it up for him and he finished up a plate and then some, had a long drink of water, and then willingly went back into his crate after his temp (102.4), and pills.

After some complaining, he’s now asleep again. We’ll take him out for his “final” but don’t expect any more poo (but would welcome another poo) or pee until tomorrow morning. The relief we both felt having him perform a successful poo was overwhelming! Hubby did say that he farted pretty good after he spent some quality time with him near the cage, so who knows what tonight will bring.

I also have to say that both Loki and Meeshka are quite regular on their pumpkin mixed food. I gave them each a bit of the moosh that Sam wouldn’t eat, and some of the beef/rice log stuff. They’ve been lounging on the deck a lot lately, I hope they won’t pitch a fit being in their crates tomorrow when we go back to work.