Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Sam's Recovery Day 6: 3 January 2006

Another uneventful night with hubby sleeping downstairs (he doesn’t hear the alarm going off).

Woke up at 5:15am and took Meeshka and Loki out, then woke up hubby and was greeted by very happy to see me Sammy. He wanted to go out, so we got the other dogs in and took him. Successful pee and stroll around the yard. Its freezing out there (note to self, no robe, get dressed in the mornings).

Came in and gave him all of his meds and temp was 101.5. He wasn’t keen on food right away, but then wolfed down some of the beef/rice beef stick stuff with vigor. After letting him lounge for a bit on the floor, we told him to go back to the crate, helped him up and he went right in. He is currently howling mournfully in his crate, hopefully that will stop once we leave for work. The other pups are a bit confused by the new “schedule” of things, but are getting use to everything slowly. The hard part is keeping them from barking at him. HEY WHAT’S THAT?

Ok, I’ve got to gather all of my stuff for work, so... sigh... gotta go.

Home and Sam was resting comfortably. There was no howling or screaming coming from the house when we pulled up. We went in, and took Sam out first (much to the disgust of Meeshka and Loki). Sam peed and walked around for a bit, then we came in and released the other pups and fed everyone. He ate his food and wanted some attention, so hubby stayed down there while I made our sandwiches and fed Sam... who wanted our sandwich instead of his food... so he got some sandwich... sigh.

We prepped the afternoon kongs and gave them to everyone in their crates and left a bit more confident that everyone was fine, they all got to stretch their legs and get a good lunch.

I got home a bit early, and walked in. Sam was laying in his crate smiling. He probably wasn’t smiling when I walked upstairs let the other pups out and then ignored him. He was not happy at all and woo’d a few times to let me know he was mad, but I wasn’t going to let him out by myself at this point, plus he had to learn that out is at 5pm when we normally get home.

Hubby got home from work, I let the other pups in, and Sam was raring to go outside. He’s now better able to get up and actually walk out of the crate, so he let him fall into hubby’s arms and was carried outside. This is when we discovered that he somehow got ahold of a towel and drug it into his crate. We don’t remember leaving a towel in the crate... or near the crate. Very odd. He also buried his kong from the afternoon under his now dirty sheepskin crate bed.

Once outside, he was on a mission to find a good pee spot. He found a good one quickly and then proceeded to do his circuit. This afternoon he seemed as though he wanted to poo, but he was still pretty drugged up from the morning Ace. This time he was more determined and steadier on his feet. He finally parked himself in a spot and I swear the boy passed a 2 foot long poo that ended up in a V shape. We were in awe. You could smell it across the yard (poor guy), he was EXTREMELY happy after that.

He didn’t want the satin balls, or the beef log thing, so I went up and made him a tasty brothy gruel and he sucked that down pretty good. I put it in his bowl and then put the bowl down in his crate instead of holding it. He has developed a little sore on the top of his nose from scraping things. He’s decided that he wants to bury everything in his crate. I’m guessing that he feels vulnerable being injured and in the crate, so he needs to bury his stuff so someone else won’t get it.

After a good drink of water, he was tired, so he lay down pretty quickly. After a two foot long poo, I’d be tired too. We’ve heard a peep or two from the crate, but he’s pretty much zonked out again.

We’ve found that we take a bit longer doing the lunch puppy duty than normal, but not a lot longer. He eats better out of his crate than in it, we need to wear something over our work clothes to guard against the pee he leaks, and plus sometimes when he pees, he pees on the sling, so it gets his fur wet (we wipe him down with a baby wipe afterwards so he doesn’t develop sores). This morning on my way to work, I was wearing a jacket that I wore one time when he went out... yep, I smelled like pee. Luckily I had another jacket in the truck with me to change into. He’s messy, he’s a mess, but he’s a sweetheart and worth the extra trouble each day to get him better.