Thursday, January 04, 2007

Sam's Recovery Day 7: 4 January 2007

Keeping our usual schedule, this getting up at 5am is really wearing us both down, especially since hubby is sleeping on the aerobed downstairs with Sam, I’m upstairs with the baby monitor. Hubby wakes up every time Sam moves, sighs, farts, or anything. I wake up every time hubby moves, sighs, etc. and every time Sam moves, sighs, etc. Loki and Meeshka sleep nice and soundly all night.

We were both moving pretty slow this morning for the usual Sammy morning out. Sam, on the other hand, was bright eyed and bushy tailed, eagerly sniffing Loki’s marks, Meeshka’s marks, and even doing some marking himself. He’s now in the pee zone, its just that I haven’t quite figured out how to move the sling so that I can support him while he pees and not have him pee on the sling. We’ve done some rinsing of the walking belts (slings) and tomorrow I’m going to put one in the washer to see if they are machine washable. They’re getting a bit ripe even after being rinsed.

So, a successful pee outing this morning and then breakfast for everydog. I’ve figure out that he’ll eat a fine gruel if offered, so I’ve started mixing in the pumpkin, mushing the pouch food, adding some tasty beef cubes, making it into a soup and he’ll lick most of that up. It would probably be easier to blend it, but that would require washing the blender three times a day and we hardly have time to drink coffee and shower before running to work with the Sammy schedule. Now you may be asking why we don’t use canned food... because he won’t eat the canned goo food, he likes the pouch food all mashed up. Silly! Temp is still normal, he’s taking his pills just fine, the swelling and bruising has really gone down on the surgical site and the hot spot is one big scab. I’d feel better once that thing has fallen off.

Another 4 hours of worry at work, then home and there he is, quite happy and drugged to see us. Out for a very good pee, in for lunch, which he ate (I’m perfecting the gruel each time), Meeshka and Loki got some tasty bits and some outside time. They all got kongs and once again, another nerve wracking 4 hours of work until we got home.

We have no poo to report tonight, although that’s to be expected after the two days of poo. He’s really rambunctious when he goes out in the mornings and the 5pm going out because the sedation is wearing off. He even tried to do his happy pee dance (he kicks the dirt with his feet) which we discouraged, but he did managed to wiggle and do a little dance of happiness. We had two pees today, once a long pee, then a marking where Loki had gone.

Back in for the nightly pills, which he hates. Temp was 102.1, which is the lowest night time temp we’ve had so far, and this time I made the gruel to his liking because he ate almost the whole bowl. The trick is to put small cubes of cooked roast in it. I need to go buy more roasts apparently, not for us though.

He’s doing good with the routine, knowing that when he gets his pills and temp, then fed that he has to go back in the crate, which he does on his own, we only support the back end. He’s settling down much faster to sleep once he’s back in there, not complaining as much as he use to. We’ve been letting him out of the crate for cuddling a bit more as long as he doesn’t try to get silly and just sits or lays down.

Since I work from home tomorrow, while the other pups are outside I may let him come out and lay with me if he’ll behave while I work down there. We’ll see.

The lack of sleep really takes its toll though. Doing silly things like:
Pouring a soda, taking it into a room, going back to the kitchen and pouring a soda, taking it into a room and realizing that you’ve already poured a soda.
Forgetting where you put your shoes, then realize you are wearing them.
So far I’ve paid two bills and sent the bills to the wrong account number. Grand.

We’re actually watching the clock for a decent time to go to bed. We take him out for his final walk around 9:30 and then fall into bed for that restless night of “what was that?”

What’s really pathetic is that when he’s quiet for a long time, we have to stop ourselves from going down to check on him. That will just wake him up and make him think its time to go out.