Friday, January 05, 2007

Sam's Recovery Day 8: 5 January 2007

After his morning pee outing, pills, temp (101.6), and feeding... he’s a brat. He’s a total brat. Did I mention that he’s a brat? He’s currently in his crate howling mournfully after digging at the crate for a good 10 minutes. He is not a happy camper at all.

He’s rubbed a small raw spot on his nose, which he managed to open while he was trying to bury his food bowl in the fleece and got blood all over. Then he wasn’t pleased when I tried to wipe the blood off his nose, then he didn’t want to eat, then he wanted out of the crate, then he sat there wagging his tail and smiling goofy and tried to trick me into letting him out.

Wednesday and Thursday he seemed to settle into the routine rather well and nestled down for a nice sedated sleep after we got all of his meds in him and fed him, but today, perhaps he knows that I work from home and he’s going to make my life one big guilty hell by wooing all day for attention. Sigh.

He must be feeling better. He’s turning back into a husky.

After much mournful wailing (which Meeshka and Loki joined in on, but I didn’t have my camera handy), and then banging around in the crate, I took him outside. He did pee a river, so fine, great, now maybe he’ll settle down. Nope! More digging at the crate, wooing, crying, whining, mournful howling, and then... peace... which didn’t last long because it was:

Hubby came home for lunch, and it was the Sammy quality time hour. He went out again and peed, came in and ate lunch, he’s still picky and we’re out of roast now, so he had to suffer with the beef stick thing. Hubby left for work again and the howling, crying, scratching continues for most of the afternoon. Which really gets on your nerves after a while, especially with very little sleep. Sure, there were moments of silence, but I think he was just waiting until I relaxed before starting up again.

Tried to play with Meeshka and Loki outside, but they’re not interested in playing. They’ve been moping around for days now, having spurts of loud energy that get Sam all riled up, then they plop down to nap, and meanwhile Sam is still riled up and scratching and howling. Its as if they are purposefully trying to drive me insane. I went downstairs and took him out (for a pee), we came back in and I pilled him (he wasn’t liking that and flung his head all over, but I made sure he got that Ace), then we lay down together on the floor in front of the tv and watched Oprah. He was actually very good, and mellow, and behaved there for about a half hour until Loki got mad and started yapping, which got him all stirred up. He’s wagging his tail and looking up at the second floor, wanting to play. He even tried to make a break for the stairs at one point. Yeah, that’s all I need right then.

I put him in his crate long enough to go up and fix everyone’s dinner... and listening to him complain from downstairs. I brought him out of the crate to eat and he licked up most of the gruel, but was not particularly fond of the chopped up lunch meats. He’s now obsessed with roast, so I have that on my to do list for tomorrow: buy a bunch of roasts and cook them and chop them up. Costco is handy for that sort of thing. After he ate, I thought he’d like to lay around and watch the news, but he started getting stupid and trying to investigate the room, and get up the stairs, and woof at the other dogs getting them all stirred up. Sigh, back in the crate. He was not happy. Took him out after a half hour of ear piercing WEEE WEEEE WEEEE ARF WOOOOOO! thinking that perhaps he was working on a poo. Nope, didn’t even pee, he just wanted to mosey around the yard, so back inside, back in the crate, covered up, I went upstairs and prayed for silence and got WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWOWOW for about two hours until hubby got home.

I’ve been having to go down there once in a while because our laundry is piling up and I have to wash clothes and I have to pass through his private recovery room to get to the washer and dryer. He is not happy about this. I’m also experimenting with washing one of the slings, which has plastic snaps. I suspect it won’t fair well in the dryer, but we’ll give it a shot.

Right now I’m bleary eyed, lack any sort of patience for anything, and ready to fall over. Tonight I get the honor of sleeping downstairs with him. Frankly, I can sleep well anywhere so it doesn’t matter to me... but morning comes really soon for him, and we start over again. I’m thinking that tomorrow if the weather is nicer, and if the dogs will want to lounge on the deck, that I may just sit down there with my laptop and let him lay with me, and see if we get some peace and quiet for a bit longer. If not... then I’m escaping to Costco and leaving hubby to deal with the circus.

Yep, its still worth it to get him back on his feet. I expected a lot more drama, a lot more care for him rather than the non-stop just plain worry, keeping him occupied, and happy in his crate, and juggling of dogs. Its still worth it for all the trouble if he can go back to being happy Sammy again... bubble wrapped and not allowed to play with the other dogs, or jump on/off the bed, or run down the stairs, or sit funny.