Saturday, January 06, 2007

Sam's Recovery Day 9: 6 January 2007

My night:
doze off, whine, wake up, doze off, whine, wake up, doze off, whine, wake up (etc.)

He slept in until 6am and since I knew there was no waking hubby up, I took him out by myself. As we were walking around, I stepped into a leaf covered hole (no doubt dug by Meeshka or Loki to trap me) and fell down, luckily not on Sam. He just stood there and looked at me like “um, you’re weird”. The good news is that without my holding up the sling, he just stood there, so one sore ankle for me, standing victory for Sam! An added bonus was that I didn’t land in any poo, which I’m sure was the whole plan to begin with. Meeshka and Loki were trying to make Sam laugh.

I offered him some water when we came in, and then put him back in his crate, then I went upstairs to shut off the alarm that had been blaring for about an hour that hubby slept through but Meeshka and Loki were not very happy about. Let them out, woke hubby up and prepped breakfast for everyone. Sam wasn’t happy about the lack of roast in his food, but ate some anyway. We pilled and temp’d him (still normal), and then I tried to spend some out of the crate time with him, but he wanted to go upstairs. Poor guy just wants his normal life back and sleep on his big cushy by the bed, but he can’t. I feel so bad for him.

I put him in his crate and he whined for a few minutes but settled down. I slept in until 9am when hubby woke me with coffee and a donut.

He’s been kinda restless, especially when Loki and Meeshka decided to run around the upstairs and play, but he settled down quickly this time and he’s been quiet ever since... which makes us nervous and want to check on him. Oh, the stress.

Oh, and hubby had a very restless sleep last night in our bed. Apparently Loki prefers to lounge on him during the night and bat him in the head with the mutant paw when he feels hubby needs to wake up for something. Hubby announced that he actually slept better on the aero bed down with Sam, since he wasn’t being layed, sat, or batted throughout the night down there.

Sam was so quiet, we didn’t want to wake him at noon for his out and feeding. When we went down to check on him, he was quietly sitting there, listening to a cooking show. He had a good pee, then ate some of his gruel, holding out for roast I bet, then eagerly ate some chicken snack dog treats and drank some water. He’s digging at his crate a bit, but we decided to just let him be, thinking that he’s doing it to see if we’ll telling him to stop, confirming that we’re still here, then he’ll dig some more for the attention. He seems to have quieted down.

The washing of the sling was successful, thanks to White Pine Outfitters for their wonderful, multi-funtional walking belts for helping us with our sling, and making them machine washable!

We ventured out into the world together to run some errands and buy the spoiled little husky another roast. It was actually nice going out together, as we have tag teamed going out except for work. We were only gone for about an hour, but it seemed less. We also picked up some much needed lattes from Starbucks.

Sam was cranky when we got back. After letting Meeshka and Loki out, we took him out because he was throwing a temper tantrum. He tried to jump up on hubby, did his wiggle butt dance after taking a pee, and was interested in making the yappy neighbor dog shut up. We let him to the wiggle butt dance for a bit, but wouldn’t let him jump up, or demand that the neighbor dog be quiet. He’s currently scratching at his crate (sigh) but we aren’t telling him to stop. We have figured out that it was his way of trying to see if we’re home. Eventually he’ll lay down and watch tv if we don’t make any noise, which is what we’re doing. His roast is cooking and will be ready for his highness’ dinner tonight. If we’re lucky, we’ll get some too. Since its Meeshka’s 6th birthday, she and Loki will get a portion in their food as well.

I just did a one-on-one squeeky toy play time with Loki and Meeshka. Its been a while since they’ve had any real play time outside, and I figured that a squeeky toy is more incentive to them to run around than just me chasing them around. They had fun, except Meeshka preferred playing on the deck, as she doesn’t like her toys to get dirty. Did I bring a camera... no, just like I keep forgetting to bring a camera down to take pictures of Sam and his haircut and nicely healing scar. He’s very upset, by the way. Probably smells his roast cooking.

Sam has, once again, managed to pull the sheet into his crate and rip it to shreds. Sigh. Sam: 2 Sheets: 0

So, I made him a nice pumpkin, canned dog food, roast mixture and carried it downstairs to feed him after we pilled and temp’d him. His temp is a bit high (102.6) but he’s been a butthead all day, scratching at his crate, howling mournfully, sucking on his cover sheet, trying to jump on hubby when we’re outside. One thing after another.

He ate his food with more vigor than normal, loving that roast in there. I mixed a lovely concoction of pumpkin, dog food and roast, which appears to be a good mixture for him. Yes, Meeshka and Loki got a portion of roast as well.

So, I take his water bowl into the bathroom, since he downed a full small bowl of water, and when I return, there’s a little red pill sitting on the carpet. Its the sedative. Hmmm. Ok... now is this the pill I just gave him, in which case we’re looking at the night from hell. Or is this the pill from this morning, which would explain why he’s been a husky terror all day. Oh GAWD!

The fun just keeps getting better!

So, we take Sam out and he’s one happy ball of energy. He peed a few times, good stream, and then he started pacing at the back fence, which is is poo area. Good sign, except the yappy neighbor dogs came out and kept distracting him. Finally we encourage him enough to get back to poo concentration. Pacing and pacing and pacing, a few attempts, but he loses his balance and the moment is ruined. FINALLY he finds the right spot, is able to assume the position with some help and once again, a very good poo. He had another one, this one a bit tougher as he’s been licking his fur, so it sorta got a little stuck and he had problems but finally did it. He was ever so happy. He was also more the raring to come inside.

We temp’d him and it went down a bit, which is good, so he literally ran into his crate. We stayed down there, pondering how we could set something up where he wouldn’t reach the sheets and suck on them. We came upon an idea, and I went upstairs to get yet another sheet (we’re down to the last one) and I noticed that Meeshka and Loki weren’t hovering at the top of the stairs as usual. CRAP!

Yes, this is what they were doing.
I had emptied the garbage can (husky proof) into a garbage bag meaning to throw it on the curb, but in my lack of sleep haze, forgot all about it. Then we neglected to gate off the computer room. They had a ball, and as far as I can tell, there wasn’t anything in there that could be dangerous, but I’m sure we’ll be seeing strange poo out there with kleenex and other goodies.

After creating a new tent for Sam, cleaning up the mess that Meeshka and Loki made, the house is FINALLY quiet. Sam is asleep, so hopefully if he didn’t get the Ace, then the poo wore him out. Meeshka and Loki are exhausted from their garbage bag fun, and all is right in our little world for now.