Monday, February 12, 2007


Ok, just had to share this Sammy swim moment with everyone.

Sammy is doing great today. I actually had to remove my leftover food plate off the table I'm typing on because he was trying to jump up on the table to get at it. Yes, he's full of energy and husky spirit once again, demanding, into everything, and generally a pain in the butt. Its good to have him back.

We're expecting some "weather" tonight, but we aren't sure what because non of the weather people around here have a clue. We're hoping that its bad enough to close the state of Maryland, but we won't be that lucky and will probably have to crawl along the ground on ice with Sam to make sure he doesn't fall down. Who knows, I guess we'll see tomorrow morning.

In the meantime, he's in here trying to look all cute and helpless so I'll give him whatever it is I'm eating (which won't happen) and pacing around looking for devious things to do. We confirmed his 8 week appointment for Monday the 19th, so we're hoping that some of his restrictions will be lifted and we'll get the pack back together... once he's bubble wrapped and safe.

P.S. just as I posted this, Sam found a nice piece of paper to shred angrily since he didn't get my leftover food. Yep, he's back in husky form.