Thursday, February 01, 2007

Sam's Recovery Day 35: 1 February 2007

Thanks for the concern, and yes, while caring for a recovering dog it is essential to take care of yourself as well, or who else will take care of the recovering dog!

Luckily for me some Dayquil and Nyquil is dealing with the worst of it, so I’m pushing fluids and soups, and resting as I can in order to get better.

Sam seems to want to go back to the old routine of things more urgently now. When we let him inside and take off his sling and leash and tell him food, he stares up at the stairs and looks mad. I’m guessing he wants to go up and eat in his spot in the kitchen. At night we don’t tell him “bed” because we don’t want him to think that downstairs in the crate is his permanent bed spot, so we just tell him to load up, and throw his night kong and night chewy in the crate for him.

I do have to say that last night, even with a stuffed up nose, those bully sticks really stink! I mean REALLY stink. I don’t know if it was just more noticeable because my sinuses were all messed up or because he was laying under the coffee table right under my nose chewing on the thing, but egads those things stink. I was told you could get non-stinky ones, but what if the stink is the thing that makes him concentrate on them?

He continues to do well with walking outside, only using the sling to catch him if he slips, stumbles, etc. He’s still leaning to the left when he eats, sorta curves to the left most times when he’s standing. We do stand close to him when he’s eating, or standing, to make sure that he will naturally compensate and move his feet so he doesn’t fall over. We don’t want him sitting strange and hurting his spine again. I also noticed that when he walks, his backend will gravitate to the left more, and when he pees, he tries to stand on his right back leg.

This is all kinda odd, since his left hip had the hip replacement surgery, and is still in socket and perfect, but the right hip is just sorta free floating around, and you would think that it would be the weaker of the two legs. I“m sure this is all mostly due to the trauma of the injury, the probably nerve damage during the injury, and probably during the transporting of him to the ER vet, and from personal experience, I know it takes a LOOOONG time for nerve damage to heal, and these were things we already brought up to the surgeon and he said that at that time he was not concerned about it.

Saturday is Sammy swim time again, so all of you readers... how about some suggestions on waterproof Sammy pool gear for hubby and I (other than a change of clothing) I’m actually considering some rain pants.

I’ve also found the secret for pilling: Costco Croissants. Not just any croissant. All of the dogs go nuts for these croissants, and actually they are pretty tasty. I now give him a few small bites of it, then pill, another bite, pill, another bite, etc. He seems to at least look forward to the pill experience because he knows he gets that goody.

Tomorrow morning will be his last day on the Doxy (yippeeee) So now he’ll be just on the reducing dosage of pred and the Ace (still loving that ace).