Friday, February 02, 2007

Sam's Recovery Day 36: 2 February 2007

Our horrible snow storm turned into nothing (as usual), but there was a thin coat of icy stuff on the ground when we took Sam out for his morning routine. He’s feeling much feistier now, as he tried to be all posturing and interested in the yappy neighbor dog behind the fence. We told him to leave it and “be the better dog” and he listened. That’s what got him into this mess in the first place, getting all wound up about the neighbor dogs and twisting all wrong.

As we spent our usual Sam time downstairs sipping our coffee, waking up, making fun of the news, Sam sauntered casual over toward the aero bed, sniffed the aero bed, next thing you know he’s ON the aero bed standing there, smiling. HA HA I did it! I lifted him off, tail wagging, so full of himself. One small step for a husky... one giant leap for husky kind.

He spent the rest of his out of crate time gloating about it, had that smirk on his face. Its good to see the smirk.

With his morning croissant he took his pills, and thankfully the two, huge, blue doxy pills are now gone, he’s finished that treatment. Tonight he’ll just get his pred and ace, so I’m sure he’ll be pleased about that. I’m also sure he’ll demand the same amount of croissant that he got before with the 4 pills, but I’ll give him that.

He was a bit yippy in the crate for a bit after I put him in, but after hubby left for work, he settled down, probably thinking that there’s nobody to enjoy his mournful howling, so why bother. I’m in the computer nook upstairs trying to be very quiet, even though Meeshka and Loki are being buttheads and are doing their tooth jousting for the couch routine, which means loud noises and yipping. He seems oblivious to the fact that they aren’t locked in their crates, so that’s good.

Since hubby needed to study for a final exam tomorrow, he came home to stay after lunch. We had a good Sammy outside time, and despite a day or two of not so good poo, he had a good poo today and was very, very pleased about the whole thing.

When we came inside I noticed that the poor boy is a pee mess. Since he’s not able to pee like a regular boy, and since I’m not very good at making sure the sling is out of the way, he’s pretty much sprayed himself all over, so it was time for a good wet nap bath for him. Typically when you try to “wash” him off with the wet naps, he really REALLY doesn’t like that. But if you cup one in your hand and massage as you wipe him down... he LOOOVES that. I was pretty much able to wipe him off all over, except he has some pee stains on his inside leg that we’ll have to keep an eye on to make sure it doesn’t get irritated.

We all lounged downstairs for a while, having a lazy day, while Meeshka softly keened and complained about not being allowed to join us. Sam ate his food, but was really interested in the soup and sandwich that hubby had brought down. He didn’t get any. I’m sure that’s why Meeshka was complaining about as well, her suspicions that Sam would get some human food and she wouldn’t.

Sam went out and did his good boy routine. He’s now so spoiled that he’ll come in, drink some water, then plop on his cushy pillow while I go fix his dinner and hubby supervises me, and lay there, waiting for me to bring him his food and massage him. After his massage, he’ll usually go over and eat his gruel, then come back and lay down and expect more massage. After that, he expect me to move his kibble bowl closer to him, and then hand select 5 piece of kibble for him to eat. I swear...

He seemed suspicious when pill time came, and he got his croissant and only 2 pills. He kept looking at me like “I don’t trust you”. Refused to lay down for a while. He would wander over somewhere, expecting me to call him back for more pills. He finally did relax a bit and nap, but he probably had one eye open waiting for the other pills. I lured him into the crate with a new bully stick, and he went in and settled down for a bit, but was very angry after that.

Its Aero bed duty for me tonight with the Sammy. Hubby says he’s been passing some wicked gas in the night, luckily I sleep through just about anything.