Saturday, February 03, 2007

Sam's Recovery Day 37: 3 February 2007

Today is swim day, so that means no Ace.


We kept to our morning “work” routine this morning because hubby had to go take a final exam for his class. There’s just something tragic about having to wake up to an alarm on Saturday morning.

Sam is in good spirits today, and his bout of mushy poo has cleared up. I’m still trying to figure what might be causing that, and I suspect it may have been the Doxy, which he’s done with.

Today, with his morning croissant he only got 1 pred pill... which totally confused him. He still demanded his full ration of croissant though. As hubby left, we spent some quality out of crate time together, and then he had to go in as I had (once again) piles of laundry and other things to deal with. He was not happy at all.

The howling and mournful wailing at Day 37 is quite different than howling and mournful wailing at Day 5.

Day 5: oooooh, the poor thing, he’s probably in pain, and scared, and lonely and I feel so horrible having to lock him in that crate all by himself

Day 37: yeah, yeah, keep shrieking husky boy, you’ll get out of there soon enough, you can’t fool me.

This is after 32 days of being fooled by the mournful wailing, only to go downstairs and expect to see a curled up, in pain, tortured husky, and find an upright, wagging tail, smiling “fooled ya again” happy Sammy.

Which is what I expect to see when we go down in a half hour for lunch. Meeshka has decided on her own that her lunch needs to be at 11:30am on weekends now. I have no idea where she got that idea from.

As I expected, Mr. Sam was sitting happily in his crate wagging his tail. He did have a pee accident in there, but since his “I have to pee” wail is similar to his “I’m just wailing for attention” wail, we can’t tell the difference. It may sound cruel, but if we let him out every time he wailed... he’d never be in the crate, and he knows that. We try to make sure that before he goes back in the crate, he’s had the opportunity to pee (especially since he’s still on pred), but can’t do a whole lot if he just won’t go before getting put back in. His crate always has a big, thick towel in it, along with his cushy sheepskin pillow (of which he has 4 so we can wash them when they get soiled). That way, the towel soaks up the moisture and there’s minimum of it on Sam. He’s very good about pushing the towel to a corner if he’s messed it.

There was some initial complaining going on after his out of crate time, then incarceration, but he’s settled down again. His appetite is really good now, so I’m guessing the Doxy was causing most of the lack of appetite issues with him. He helped himself to one of the Cesars packets while I was folding laundry. I offered him some kibble, which he ate (but that wasn’t nearly as tasty as the packet food).

I hope he shows a little more enthusiasm for the pool this time around.

The moment we let Sam out of his crate he KNEW where he was going, and ran to the baby gate and tried to get up the stairs. He was very rambunctious and ready to go, so we took him out back first to go to the bathroom and settle down a little, then carried him to the front and into the truck and crate. He was a very happy puppy.

We got to the swim place, and he was still pulling to get inside, very happy, very excited. The swim monitor came and put a stylish life jacket on him, and he modeled his stylish life jacket and then decided it was time to go home and headed straight for the door. He was too cute.

We got to the pool, and he went semi-willingly up to the edge of the pool. They clipped the long leads on him and they picked him up and plopped him on the ramp. He didn’t struggle and flail like last time they put him in the water, and he just stood on the ramp and didn’t try to get out of the pool, so that was an improvement.

At the initial push off of the ramp, he did try to grab the side of the pool, but they steered him to the middle and he flailed a bit initially, but got into the whole dog paddle thing pretty quickly and off he went. Hubby got pictures, which I’ll post as soon as I get copies. He did really good for the first round of laps.

We steered him over to the ramp, and this time instead of trying to get out of the pool, he just stood on the ramp and panted, which is another good sign. He did another set of laps and also did very well, and once again, at the ramp, he didn’t try to get out of the pool, he just stood there.

Since he was still pretty strong on the 2nd set, they decided to give him one more set of laps and he did very well again. He was ready to get out at that point, but he was very energized and happy once out of the pool again. Waggy tail, bouncy husky pup. He got his rinse and dry and was happy happy bouncy pup on the way out.

Once at home, he had a good poo, and a very good appetite. We crated him and went out in search of good chinese carry out and drugs for my flu. After we ate and relaxed for a bit, it was pretty much time for bed. Although he was asleep when we came down, unlike last swim where he was totally zonked and refused to come out, he still had enough energy to come out and do his business, but willingly went back into the crate for bed when we came back.

We’re more comfortable with him going to swim now since we’ve seen improvement in his attitude about it. We did ask about the vaccines, and they consider the DHLPP as a 3 year vaccine, so that’s not a big deal, but we will need to get him a bordatella squirt in the nose for him to continue, which I’m comfortable with giving him at this point. So we’ll need to make him an appointment for that, and he already has an appointment for swim next saturday.