Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sam's Recovery Day 38: 4 February 2007

Sam slept contentedly in his crate last night. I was actually more tired than he was thanks to this lingering flu-fest. I woke up several times last night and he was either watching tv, chewing on his bully stick, or sleeping.

I’ve discovered his little bully stick secret. I had assumed that since I couldn’t find the last 2-3 bully sticks that he had eaten them. That’s kinda odd because the first one took him several days to work through, while the last few didn’t seem to last long at all. Well, in the wash this morning I discovered one of them. They don’t wash well, that’s for sure, and I’m glad it was in with his crate towels, because I can only imagine the lovely lingering odor of it (my nose is stopped up, so I can’t tell if there is one on those towels).

I then raided his crate, and found the rest of them, well hidden either under the cushy pillow, or the towels, or even under the crate tray. He’s very devious.

He seems pretty stiff and sore today from the swim last night. A bit more out of control on the back end, but that’s to be expected. He did have a pretty good session last night, so I imagine those little muscles are complaining. Everything else seems fine, and he had a good appetite this morning. Took his pred and Ace with no problems at all, and went willingly into his crate for a nap. Pretty much didn’t hear a peep out of him.

Lunch time. I took some laundry down first and he was fast asleep. My banging around in the back room woke him up though and he was standing up, patiently waiting his turn. Today I tried the A/D gruel, since that’s suppose to be high calorie and good for him during his recovery. Despite the fact that its suppose to be ultra tasty, he just didn’t like it. Back to Blue Buffalo gruel for him for dinner then. He took a good poo, and even though he’s sleepy from the exercise and the Ace, he’s squatting better by himself. He was raring to go back inside when he was done, and lay down to eat his bowl of kibble. I gave him a nice massage, which he really seemed to enjoy, then gave the A/D gruel another shot, but managed only a few licks before he gave up. I sent him off to his crate with a Cesars stuffed kong which he went to town on. I’m guessing shortly after he finished that, he fell asleep, because I left to go get more kibble from Petsmart and I didn’t hear him stir when I opened the door.

Sam and I went out for a casual stroll and marking walk in the back yard. He’s still tired and a bit groggy from the ace, so he just wanted to stand around and sniff the air, so I let him. He came in and started in on his kibble. By the time he finished, he was laying down, he just kept sinking closer and closer to the floor he was so tired. I gave him a nice massage and that got his appetite going to finish up the gruel bowl. The superbowl was coming on, so I stayed down there for a while, and he napped under the coffee table, but came right out the moment I brought our dinner down. It was roast. He could barely stand before the roast, but once he got a sniff of that, he was raring to go. Yes, of course, he got some, and so did Meeshka and Loki (who were throwing a tantrum upstairs).

Ok, as promised... here are Sammy swim pictures.