Monday, February 05, 2007

Sam's Recovery Day 39: 5 February 2007

Bundled in many layers, we took Sam out for his morning stroll. He’s still pretty mellow this morning, don’t know if its still from the swim, or he has an upset stomach from the roast, and then hubby fed him some chicken last night. I’m guessing upset stomach because his emitting some odors from back there that are most foul.

Even after his morning massage, he just lay there, but we finally got him to get up, and then he was hungry and ate. He got his pred and Ace and tucked into his cage without a peep. I’m guessing he’ll sleep pretty good the rest of the day. Hubby is staying home from work sick, since I gave him back what he probably gave me. I’m going in to see how it goes, armed with dayquil in case I take a turn for the worse. I’m sure I won’t be very productive today, but seeing how I’m in a work lull between writing assignments, that’s fine with me.

Since hubby stayed home, there was no reason for me to shlep a zillion miles in sub-zero winds to my truck to come home and help with puppy duty. He reported that everything went fine with Sam. He peed and immediately wanted back inside because it was too cold for him.

When I got home, we took him out around 4pm because he heard me coming inside and wanted out of his crate. He was a bit more tolerant of the cold and did his business. He’s a bit more unsteady on his back legs today. I’m not sure if we overdid it at the swim this weekend or not. We’re still waiting on the call back from the vet to see if we down him to 5mg pred now, and ask whether they got the blood work back for him.

He just got hungry and ate a small bowl of kibble and had trouble keeping his balance while he ate, so I propped him up while he ate the kibble and got a drink of water. He’s back on his cushy pillow. I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning, then I’m spending the rest of the day at home because I still feel crappy, and I plan on spending most of that time in bed resting so I can kick this flu thing.

Ok, sorry for the late post, we both went to bed early and actually all of the pups were very accommodating in letting us sleep in.