Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Sam's Recovery Day 41: 7 February 2007

It snowed, but not enough to give me a freebie day off, just a two hour delay. I figure that by the time I actually get to work 2 hours late, find a parking spot, walk into the building... it will be about that time to come home for noon puppy duty. So I’m doing some work from home and going in after the noon routine.

Sam is being mellow relax puppy lately. Hardly complaining in his crate any more, eating up a storm, lounging on his cushy pillow during his out of crate times. In the back of my mind I’m wondering if its because he was off the Doxy and still needs it to beat the Lyme affects, or if he’s just resigned himself to a life of luxury and lounging, or he’s still a bit wiped out from the swim. With him its hard to say, since he’s never been a real complainer, husky terror (ok, sure he stole a whole rump roast one time, and yes, he does steal rolls of toilet paper, and sure, he ate his ear medicine tube because he didn’t want us to squirt it in his ears anymore), but generally if he wants something, he’ll stare at it. He doesn’t claw, yap, or whine like Meeshka and Loki do, insisting on something. He just sits and stares. You just have to know Sam language to figure out what he wants.

If he’s staring at the ball, he’s hoping that it will magically come to life and throw itself down the hall three times so he can run after it. After three times he gets bored. If he’s staring at a door, he needs to go out.
If he’s staring at the empty water bowl, he wants water. If he’s staring at the empty food bowl he wants food. If he’s staring up at a light, chances are there’s a hornet in the house and he’s staring at it. He’s very good at spotting bugs. So, if Sam is staring... you need to pay attention to what he’s staring at.

This is very different than Meeshka’s clawing of your leg, which could mean I want: food, water, out, played with, scratched, or I’m just being annoying. This is very different than Loki’s yap yap (I need to go out) yap yap yap (I want to play), yapyapyapyapyapyap (I’m just being annoying).

With Meeshka and Loki’s approach, you generally get alerted to their wanting something. With Sam, you just get a feeling that you need to look at him, and if he’s staring, go do something about whatever he’s staring at. Sometimes the staring doesn’t get your attention, and he would sit next to you and gently make a small noise, as if to say “um, excuse me, I’m sorry to bother you, but you failed to notice that I was staring at the water bowl in the other room, so if you aren’t busy and if it isn’t inconvenient, could you please put some water in there for me... at your leisure of course”. He’s one of the most polite huskies I’ve ever known.

So, it freaks us out a little that he’s behaving so well in the crate right now. Is he not feeling well, was the swim too much, could the Doxy be subduing him, or did he need the Doxy to feel better. Those are the fun festive things you go through with recovery. Are we doing things right, are we over doing something, under doing something, feeding too much, not feeding enough, giving pills at the right time, giving the right dosage, sedating him too much, not sedating him too much, allowing too much movement, not giving him too much movement, crating too much, not crating enough. Even when things go well, a zillion things run through your mind and drive you insane.

Sammy went out for his lunch and after his obligatory massage, he chowed down on his gruel and demanded his peanut butter kong and cookie, which he got. He was happily licking his kong when I went to work.

I stopped off and got Sam’s new Doxy pills, which are MUCH smaller than the capsules, much to his relief. He was very quiet while I let the other pups out and did some stuff until hubby came home. He got a little impatient waiting on us, so I let him out and he wiggle butted around for a bit, trying to tell us to hurry up so he could pee. I noticed that Meeshka has decided to poo on his favorite poo spot, but that didn’t stop him from going there as well. She’s devious, I know she did that on purpose, as she has her own little poo spot in the yard. I probably need to scoop the yard, since she won’t go if her area is “messy”.

Hubby stayed down there with Sam while he ate and relaxed because he got sucked into a bad movie and had to watch the end of it. That allowed me to go up and spend quality time with Meeshka, who was throwing major tantrums and flinging her kong all over, and also make something hot for dinner. Hubby ate downstairs with Sam, I’m not sure if he shared his sloppy joe with him or not. Regardless, he’s now in his crate and not very happy about it. He’s not totally unhappy, just random yips coming from down there.