Thursday, February 08, 2007

Sam's Recovery Day 42: 8 February 2007

Sam continues to have a pretty robust appetite despite starting back on the Doxy. He does have a bit of runny stool, which we’re not too keen on, so we’re trying to convince him to eat some blue buffalo with pumpkin, but so far he’s not cooperating.

This morning when hubby went to give him his morning before we go to work kong, he dashed out of his crate and skittered around the downstairs in a burst of freedom and energy. He did NOT want to go back into the crate, not even when bribed with the tasty kong. I had to go down there and try to convince him that it would be in his best interest to go into his crate, but he skittered off and then peed for a good 15 minutes (ok, it just seemed like something out of the Austin Powers Cryogenic thaw scene), before deciding that he could now go into the crate and eat his kong. I figured he had to go. One of the “good” side effects of the pred is that he drinks a lot of water, which is recommended on the Doxy pills, so its a good thing, and a bad thing that he drinks a lot. Lucky for us we’ve been strategically placing the pee pads in places where he’s most apt to go, now that we’ve figured out the average PSI of the squatting to pee male dog on pred. Its all an elaborate mind game with him, since he refuses to pee on the pee pad, but on the pred the flow shoots out pretty far and invariably he actually does pee on the pee pad. I’m sure he’ll be figuring out that soon enough and be shooting it across the room.

Lunch time was uneventful, except that he decided that he wanted to lounge and be fed small bits of kibble at a time while being massaged. Stop the massage, he stopped eating. Massage, he eats. I spent my lunch massaging him so he would eat, then ended up feeding him all of the crust of my sandwich (hey, I don’t like crust anyway).

He was nice and calm and quiet when I got home and let the healthy pups out. He was nice enough to wait for hubby to get home before starting to complain about being locked up and wanting out. The moment he got out of the crate he decided that he was going to eat his lunch gruel (that had been untouched for lunch) before going out, which meant he didn’t want his dinner gruel with pumpkin after he came back inside. I’m sure he’ll find that to be a tasty night snack when he goes out for his night time break. He did want to be massaged while he snacked on kibble on his cushy pillow, so I obliged, and also gave him a moist toilette rub down because he was getting a bit gamey from the firehose pee sessions. His aim leave a lot to be desired, and usually most of the pee ends up on his front legs. He’s not pleased about the moist toilette cleaning sessions, so I have to pretend that I’m just massaging him and happen to have a moist toilette in my hand while I’m massaging.

He took his pills well, only glaring at me a little when I was done and demanded more dog treat steak things, which I gave him. I even gave him some under the coffee table relax time after the pills, where he chewed on that foul smelling bully stick thing. As I was about to go stark raving insane with all of the “Anna Nicole Smith” specials already popping up before her body is cold, I enticed him into his crate and made my escape upstairs. We were fine until the pizza delivery guy came, and then he realized that he was being left out of the tasty food in a box fun and started complaining. We’re just letting him complain at this point since we know he’s eaten, peed, poo’d and is just being a brat.