Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sam's Recovery Day 45: 11 February 2007

This morning as I slept, Sam quickly woo’d to me at 6:30am. “Um, excuse me, but I need to pee and I’m a little hungry as well”. I let him out and let him pee, then he ate some kibble. While he ate, I got back on the aero bed and watched him.

When he was done eating, he walked over and sat down next to the aero bed and gave me that “gee, that bed looks awfully comfy” look. I told him to get on, and he walked onto it. Its no higher than a street curb, so it wasn’t like he was jumping on a sofa or real bed. He quickly made himself comfortable next to me and slept. He looked like he just won the doggie lottery, so pleased to be on a bed again, a little piece of normal in his life.

We have noticed that he leaks a bit when he’s sleeping or laying down. I can’t remember if I mentioned this in another post. I’m not too concerned about that at this point, since I don’t know if its something that is being caused by the pred, or something that may be connected to the incident and surgery, so we’ll just have to wait and see. We’ve dealt with leaky dogs before, its not that big of a deal and that’s why we have mini steam cleaners and big steam cleaners and puppy pee pads and carpet towelettes and Zero Odor and carpet that will get replaced if we ever sell and move. My concern is that if this is something that is long term, it will need to be watched carefully as it may cause urinary tract infections more frequently than a dog that doesn’t leak. He leaked a little on the aero bed, but the pads are washable, don’t care. I’m actually all caught up with laundry for the week for a change.

Around 8am, the other dogs burst out of the bedroom where they had been hassling poor hubby all night. Apparently they don’t just plop on the bed and sleep through the night with him like they do with me. They (according to hubby) torture him all night. With the rumbling herd upstairs, Sammy felt it was his turn to eat and go out, so after the herd had their turn outside, we went out with Sammy. He managed to poo all by himself this morning with no support from me, which is a very good sign in my book.

We had someplace to go to around 9:30, so I bribed him into his crate with a kong and cookie and he was fine with that. I’m back downstairs with him for most of the day, although I really need to go spend some outdoor quality time with the pups, and also scoop the yard which is out of control at this point... shame on me.

I locked Sam up in his crate while I did some housework. He was content to be in there with his kong and cookie while I did what I needed to do. I did get to spend some time outdoors with Meeshka and Loki, and they played. They require an audience in order to play, otherwise they just lay on the deck and watch the wild life go by. After my chores were done, I let Sam out, and he was in no rush to come out, now content with knowing that his crate restriction times are shorter now that he’s improving so much.

Moving my laptop downstairs so I can do certain things has also helped with my schedule. I feel less stress giving him time out, then locking him up to go upstairs. Should have thought of this sooner, but oh well, it’ll work out well now. One of the things I needed to do was strip off the sheets on the aerobed because he leaked on the bottom sheet, and wash those, so I pulled the covers off and threw them in the wash, came into the other room for a minute and realized that Sam wasn’t following me. I went out and there he was, sprawled all over the aero bed all comfy and happy. I just let him be. Sometimes you have to give him a little victory. He got lonely soon enough and came in here with me. He’s so cute.

Sam got up and walked into the other room and stayed out there. I went out to check on him and found him staring at his water bowl... so I filled it for him. Sometimes I wish he would be a bit more vocal about his needs, but I’ve learned to check and see what he’s staring at. Hubby is a little more oblivious to the staring, but Meeshka always seemed to watch out for him. I’ve noticed that Meeshka will come into a room wooing and clawing about something, then lead me into the kitchen, where Sammy was staring at an empty water bowl. I love how they work together sometimes. Of course, not the times they work together to steal stuff off a counter, or someone’s plate, but that goes along with the husky territory as well.

I had to share this with everyone. For those of you who aren’t husky owners, this probably won’t mean a lot to you, but for husky owners, you’ll know what I mean.

I brought my dinner down to eat with Sam in the computer room. He smelled it and was immediately interested in my dinner. Since we JUST got his BMs to a normal consistency, as much as I wanted to spoil him there was no way I was going to share with him, and told him so. He was not at all happy about my not sharing with him... so he found some plastic shopping bags on the floor and proceeded to rip them to shreds. Of all signs of progress, of all things he’s done, the fact that he’s getting on the aero bed when he knows he’s not suppose to, and he shredded the plastic bags in front of me signifies that our husky Sam is indeed feeling much better and more himself! I almost cried, seriously.

Another milestone, Sam woo’d softly to let me know he needed to go out. I really do think that he’s coming around back to normal more and more. He’s still on the pred, and the doxy and he’s still getting Ace to keep him mellow, but he’s showing more and more of that true husky spirit again. This is a great thing, because its so abnormal to have a mellow, well behaved husky. We’ll have to be on our toes from now on to make sure he’s not doing devious things again, but its such a relief actually. Their spirit and independent thinking is what really bonds us with this breed, frustrates us, endears us, wraps us around their paws. I can’t wait for the pack to get back together again and be whole again. I miss all of their evil pranks and husky attitude. You really miss the things you once cursed about!