Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Sam's recovery Day 48: 14 February 2007

Walking in a crunchy and slippery winter wonderland out there with Sam this morning. He loves the snow, sleet, freezing rain, and even got so rambunctious after a good poo that he slipped right out of the sling when he tried to take off running. Luckily he’s leashed, so I could reel him back in, but he’s certainly feeling his oats in this weather.

The kitchen door is frozen shut from the weather, so I had to bring the pups downstairs so they could go out the downstairs back door. Plus I wasn’t crazy about letting them out on the slippery deck and slippery deck stairs. I don’t need another broken, ruptured, torn anything right now.

My office is closed today, so I’ll be spending time downstairs with Sam doing work, and then spending some time upstairs with the pups while Sam is crated for a bit. The big “if” is the weather, as we’re suppose to get more freezing rain and then 40 mph winds, which will probably mean power outages and mass chaos, cats and dogs sleeping together and all that. Hubby’s office is on a two hour delay, but he’s standing by in case his management catches a bit of sanity and closes his office. Its so horrible out there that its like an ice skating rink highway, and I’d rather he didn’t have to drive, even the 7 miles to his office for the day.

I haven’t Aced Sam since yesterday morning, and won’t Ace him today since I’ll be home. He’s still pretty mellow. Gets a bit worked up because Meeshka and Loki are in full snow mode upstairs, running back and forth and wanting to go out. He’s currently laying in the computer room with me taking a nap, which is a good thing. If he does get overly worked up, I can Ace him, but I’d rather save it for when we have to go to work. I’m sure he’ll now be fine in his crate while we’re at work without it, but like to have some on hand just in case.

Sam did very well today, he had moments of stupidity where he’d try to jump up to get something, and I did catch him trying to climb on the couch at one point, but other than that, he’s been a good boy. Still eating well, walking better, but he is having some slipping issues on that icy snow out there, but aren’t we all.

Today we had freezing rain, which settled on the trees. At one point hubby and I were out walking him for lunch and the wind picked up and started knocking these ice shards down on us. Hubby got hit on the hit with some, luckily there was no damage, but then we worried about them falling onto Sam’s back, so we kept him near the deck and away from the trees until the winds had blown the shards off the trees.

Loki and Meeshka have been play-play pups because of the snow, so they’ve managed to run around upstairs and get Sam all riled up. He so wants to go up there and be with them, but we keep telling him that he’s not well puppy yet and can’t go up there. I’m thinking that we’ll most likely have to keep him leashed upstairs and still semi segregated from the pups so he doesn’t take off running around like a loon when they get going, and try to do stupid things like jump up on the bed. That will be a difficult thing for him, because he LOVES lounging on the bed.

He’s having either puppy dreams or muscle spasm when he sleeps. He was twitching and going on under my feet just now, so I gave him a quick back leg massage to see if that would help him out. He’s lounging under the coffee table (his favorite lounge spot down here).

OOH, I almost forgot to give him his pred and antibiotics! He really loves those milk-bone chicken drumstick treats, and actually low crawled out from under the coffee table in order to get them. Now he’s chowing down on his kibble. He get moments of ravenous hunger, so I keep food in his bowl, make sure he’s got kongs in his crate to eat on throughout the day, and generally feed him pretty much when and what he wants.

After a good poo on the slippery snow and ice (I helped him balance this time, didn’t want him to slip), he came in and wanted a kleenex to rip up and eat. For some reason all of my pups like eating kleenex. Rather than him eating a whole box of kleenex, I gave him a bully stick to chew on instead. He’s happy now.