Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sam's recovery Day 49: 15 February 2007

There’s nothing like waking up at 5:30 am, having no coffee, and guiding and holding up a recovering spine surgical dog on a sheet of ice while he pulls to find the perfect pee spot.

Its REALLY icy out in the back yard, so frozen that you don’t even break through the snow, its like a glaze of ice out there. Sam has slipped a few times, but I’ve made sure that I’m holding his sling up enough to where if he even loses his balance, his back stays straight. Of course my balance is questionable, but as I go down, I’ll be sure to keep that sling nice and steady. There doesn’t appear to be any relief in sight for the ice to melt or get mushy within the next few days, so we just have to be very careful out there with him.

Since I was a dork and didn’t scrape off the slushy snow on the deck or deck stairs when it was still slushy snow, its now a treacherous potential bone breaking slippery hazard. Because of that, we’re now forced to let the dogs downstairs and out the back door. This means going by Sam, who really, really wants to join then out there for a good romp and play. Yeah, not on your life $10,000 dog. I swear, these dogs just don’t appreciate the things you get them. Does he think that spines just grow on trees?

At the 8 pm dogs go out time, Meeshka and Loki dashed right by him behind the baby gate and paid him no attention (they had pee emergencies). On the way in, Loki stopped at the baby gate and they both had a tail wagging sniff, but then Sam started yelling at him. Maybe he blames him for the whole spine incident, even though I told him that I saw the whole thing and for a change, Loki was not involved at all. Regardless, they decided to yell at each other, so that’s perfectly normal. Sam doesn’t really like Loki anyway. Meeshka shoved her entire fluffy head under the railing and gave him a good long sniff. I think she does miss him. We’re still not sure how we’ll be re-introducing him to the pack again once he’s cleared for pack duty, and no matter what we do, I’m sure we’ll be total nervous wrecks about the whole thing, but it will all work out... we’ll just drink heavily from now on and bubble wrap him. Put sensors on him so if he gets bumped or jostled.... Ok, maybe we’ll just keep them all separate for the rest of their lives and put them in display cases. All right, it’ll be fine.

Now begins phase II of the freak out... restrictions being lifted. Join us as the humans go stark raving insane with fear and trepidation over the re-introduction of husky pack life in the next installment of Sammy, the fragile husky. Next thing you’ll read is our getting rid of all furniture and sleeping on the floor to keep him from trying to jump on things. EEEEEEEEE!!!!