Friday, February 16, 2007

Sam's Recovery Day 50: 16 February 2007

Its been a busy day for Sam, what with the other puppies having to come downstairs to go outside, which they want to do every 5 minutes. The sheet of ice is actually getting mushy where the sun touches in the back yard, and luckily one spot happens to be where Sam poops. He refuses to poo any place else in that yard but in the back left corner of the yard. He now has some bare spots and some mushy spots where he can get good footing to do his business, and he’s a much happier pup about that.

The pups have sniffed him through the baby gate and were not impressed, which is a good sign. Hey here’s a dog... oh, its just Sam. Sam got a bit mad when he was locked in his crate for their grand entrance and exit, and Loki managed to squeeze past the baby gate and started eating Sam’s food. From his crate, Sam yelled at him and actually had his hackles up. Now, Sam raises his hackles for everything. Food time gets his hackles up, playing gets his hackles up. I think among other things, he’s got dysfunctional hackles. The funny thing now is that with the shaved area, he only has a tiny tuft of hackles. It actually looks more like a hackle. I was teasing him, telling him to get his hackle down... he didn’t seem amused.

He’s been doing stupid husky things all day, like trying to jump up on the table with his front feet to get kleenex, trying to run and play bow, jumping on the aero bed and bouncing, sliding around on the ice, and just generally being a pain in the butt between napping. Ok, he’s a good puppy, but still, he’s trying to give me a coronary by doing husky things.