Saturday, February 17, 2007

Sam's Recovery Day 51: 17 February 2007

Last night I was very sleepy, so I went in, turned off the downstairs lights and got on the aero bed, all nice and covered up to watch some tv. Sam looked at me, I told him to jump on, and made room for him, and he did. Curled right up and the next thing I know its morning and he was still there, all nice and happy and comfy. I have to wash the covers again, because he’s still leaking, but a small price to pay for one very happy husky, getting back into the groove of the routine and getting to be semi-normal.

Hubby came down with the pups at one point, and when he brought them back in, Loki (always rude) went around the gate, so here I am with Sam, and now Loki in a big husky bunch, trying to keep Sam from breaking through the gate, and Loki from getting all the way through the gate, and they just acted as though it was one big mommy sandwich getting love. That was cool. Hubby, on the other hand, about had a nervous breakdown. He’s still in the bubble wrap stage, not wanting him jostled or bumped, not allowing him any time by himself, constant supervision, constantly staying close in case he falls or stumbles. He’s so cute. Apparently he has no idea that I pretty much let Sam be Sam right now, and except for blocking the couch so he can’t leap on it, or blocking the stairs so he can’t run up them, I’m allowing him the small leap onto the aero bed, letting him eat, drink, walk around, pace, and leaving him down here unsupervised for small periods of time, knowing all of the danger zones are blocked.

Its going to happen eventually, the whole freedom, the whole husky play thing, the whole Huskies akimbo, might as well move into it gradually and adjust as we can, rather than just give him all that freedom at once. I figure this way, I can see the reactions, see what may be an issue and deal with it right away gradually. I’m sure there will be screaming and differences of opinion on this, but that’s what happens. I’m all for leaning toward the side of caution, but I do realize that I have to let them all be how they are.

12:00 pm
The deck stairs have thawed sufficiently to let Meeshka and Loki out that way, so Sam’s little recovery area is back to its calm state. Ok, Sam isn’t calm by any stretch of the imagination, but that’s another story. Right now, for him, its nap time. Loki and Meeshka are outside, and I can only imagine that Meeshka is laying right on the ice and loving every minute of it, while Loki is staring at something. They will only play and run around if there’s an audience, so right now they’re happy just to be laying in the cold outside.

I haven’t aced Sam since... gee, I can’t remember, and he’s doing well in the crate without the sedation, and doing well out of the crate without the sedation, with moments of husky nuttiness as usual. I’m thinking that his days of sedation are over, and maybe I’ll save the last few pills for hubby during the husky reunion festivities (just kidding... sorta). I plan on letting him sleep on the aero bed with me again tonight, since we was such a good boy and stayed put the entire night. I wake up for anything dog related and would have woken had he jumped off the bed, and he didn’t. Just sprawled and enjoyed his night on the comfy air bed. I’ll have to change the cover because of his leaking, but that’s what washing machines are for, no big deal.

7:51 pm
I went upstairs to finish fixing dinner for us, having fed the pups and Sam already. I neglected to put up the piece of cardboard that blocks the couch and yes, you guessed it. There was Sam, laying on the couch, looking very pleased with himself. He wagged his tail furiously as I lifted him off the couch, then he tried to steal my dinner.