Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sam's Recovery Day 52: 18 February 2007

Sam is now an aero bed hog. Last night I made up the bed and put a thick towel on his side of the aero bed for his leak problem. I spent the night trying not to roll off my little side of the bed, and Sam seemed to stretch out more and more until I was literally holding on to the flimsy side of the air bed. He’s so spoiled, but he slept all night on the bed and barely moved. The leak issue seems to be somewhat better now. I’m hoping its the pred or some muscles that he needs to tone, but regardless of what it is, or how long he has it, we’ll just steam clean more, clean his bedding as much as needed and deal with it. All we care about is happy, healthy, mobile, pain free, goofy husky, everything else can be replaced or washed.

We’re still having issues with the slippery back yard. Because its so slippery out there, I’ve had to support him in the sling a lot more in order to keep him from slipping and falling down, so he’s probably not getting the exercise he needs walking around out there. I’d rather he not get a good walk in than fall down and re-injure himself though. He is getting plenty of indoor walk time with me being downstairs with him and he’s able to walk all over the downstairs when he wants. Even without the Ace, he still sleeps a lot, and that’s actually pretty normal. He’s still in “routine” mode on the weekends: Breakfast, nap, lunch, nap, dinner, do stupid husky things until bed. That’s the usual routine around here anyway and its good to see he’s sticking with it.

He also didn’t seem to miss his Saturday going out for swim routine. I’m thinking he was dreading 5pm because that’s when we normally took him there, and then seemed very happy when that didn’t happen. Of course, I could be imagining that, but he did seem overly happy when we didn’t go anywhere.

Tomorrow is the long drive to Westminster to see his surgeon and his final spine check up. I don’t know if they’ll be drawing blood or not to check on the Lyme, or actually what they’ll be doing with him, but I hope we’ll be lifting some of his restrictions. I’m pretty sure that jumping on the couch and stairs won’t be lifted any time soon. He MAY be able to go up the three steps to the outside, but I’m sure the 10 steps upstairs won’t be anything he’ll be doing in the near future. For one, I wouldn’t trust his legs to hold him for such a climb. He’s still not 100% on the whole balance thing, and needs some muscle strength before that happens. I’m sure jumping on the bed is going to be right out, so we’ll be leaving the bedroom door closed when he finally gets his ok to come back upstairs. He has his own cushy pillow on the side of the bed that he’s very protective of. Ok, none of the other dogs want the cushy bed because they hog my side of the bed (or Meeshka hogs the air vent), so that’s not a problem.

We already have area rugs in the kitchen to cover the linoleum so he doesn’t slide around, and he’s actually very good at only walking on the carpets before the incident, so I don’t have any fears with the kitchen. The rest of the house is carpeted, so no worry there either. I’m sure with all the thinking, plotting, and planning something will come up, but we’ll improvise and handle that when it comes up. I just can’t wait for him to be a pack member again.

1200 pm
The usual Sam out, slide around on the ice, then back in for lunch and his after lunch nap. Meeshka and Loki are lounging in the sun on the deck. They want the cold weather, but the heat of the sun for their napping. Huskies are goofy like that.

7:44 pm
So far, my evening has been spent like this:

Sam, get down.
Sam, don’t jump on that
Sam, NO
Sam, get off there
Sam, leave it

Oh yes, he’s feeling oh so much better tonight. He just went outside for a very good poo (first solid one in a few days), and now he’s terrorizing me, so I bribed him with a bully stick. He’s certainly full of energy tonight, and even made an attempt to run down the fence line when the neighbor dogs were out and barking at him. Of course, I’m behind him, slipping and sliding all over the place trying to keep the sling tight in case he slips, and keep my balance at the same time. I managed to convince him to be a good dog and leave the other dogs along, but he made his point by sniffing at the fence before listening to me.

I can’t wait for the yard to thaw, and actually even though tomorrow is suppose to be cold, starting on Tuesday we’re suppose to be getting a warm up, with a predicted high on next Sunday at 65 degrees. This weather is nuts, that’s for sure. I’d much rather deal with some rain than this crappy ice stuff in the back yard.