Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sam's Recovery Day 54: 20 February 2007

Sam got to sleep out of the crate with hubby last night. We put his cushy pillow in the living room, opened his crate (in case he wanted to go in... he didn’t), and a very nervous hubby slept with him loose all night.

No accidents, just a very happy puppy on his cushy pillow that was smiling and wagging his tail at me when I came downstairs this morning.

He’s trying too hard to get up the stairs and I’ve needed to lift him up. He keeps trying to jump up them, not walk up them, so we’ll need to try to slow him down so he walks up them and gets some strength in his back legs. It was still very slippery in the yard this morning, but mushier because it was in the 40s, so he was able to walk pretty much without the sling and even do his business without it holding him up.

Lunch was uneventful, although I thought he’d be happy about the bit of tuna water I put in his food. He’s pickier than he use to be and wasn’t happy about my mucking with his food mix. I’ve learned my lesson and will continue with his normal food mix from now on, guess he showed me.

I got home shortly before hubby, so I let Meeshka and Loki out, then back in, went down and got Sam out, and surprisingly he didn’t poo and wanted right back in after marking some spots. I figured he was hungry, since over the weekend he had free access to food and eats a lot throughout the day. I’ll need to come up with better ways to stuff his kongs so he has more food throughout the day. He did suck his food mix down pretty fast and I gave him some kibble to snack on for later.

While hubby was down with him while he ate, I let the pups out and chipped more ice off Sam’s regular path, then did poo duty for the rest of the dogs. The yard was getting a bit “full” and Meeshka had been glaring at me because her regular poo spot hadn’t been cleaned lately, so rather than face her wrath, I went out and cleaned up. After that there was some steam cleaning of the spot Sam chooses to have his emergency pees on (and the pee pads sometimes don’t always catch) and before we knew it, it was 7pm, so we ordered pizza.

I have a sink full of dishes (why I bought bakeware that you can’t throw in the dishwasher, I’ll never know, but that crap is going as soon as I find replacements), and nothing thawed, so pizza on paper plates was the answer to our food dilemma. Now we just have to remember to put the leftovers in the fridge and not in the oven... also known to husky owners as the large food safe. The microwave is the small food safe. If you don’t have huskies, then you probably aren’t aware of their amazing counter surfing abilities that will net them whatever happens to be on the kitchen counter that they want. Oh sure, you obedient breed owners are saying “just train them not to do that”. Well, for huskies, training them not to counter surf would pretty much be a lot like training them not to breathe. Oh sure, they wouldn’t do it while you were standing there saying “don’t get on the counter”, but the moment you turned your back they’d be up on the counter and eating your pizza, box and all.

So, to prove this, I give you tonight’s exchange between myself and Sam, who wanted the pizza on my table downstairs:

Sam jumps and puts his front feet on the table
Sam NO, gently push down
Sam jumps and puts his front feet on the table
Sammy, NO!
Sam jumps and puts his front feet on the table
Sam, stop it
Sam jumps and puts his front feet on the table
Sam, I’m serious, NO
Sam jumps and puts his front feet on the table
Sam jumps and puts his front feet on the table

This goes on forever.

Which isn’t nearly as bad as Sam on the couch AGAIN when I came back downstairs with my pizza, but still.

About the time that I hear Meeshka and Loki running back and forth upstairs like wild buffalo and wooing (except that wild buffalo don’t woo), and the telltale sound of hubby letting them out... Sammy claws at the back door and woos “gotta go out now”. Of course you do, because its the most inconvenient time for you to go out, so of course you have to go out.

I go upstairs, bribe Meeshka and Loki to come back inside, go downstairs and leash Sam and out we go. He heads straight to his poo spot, so I know he’s serious. One poo. He starts walking back to the house, whips around and trots back to the sacred poo spot. Two poo. He turns a circle and Three poo. I know he’s done because he does his little victory dance and heads for the back door again.

After eating some more kibble, he’s down for the count and napping. Worn out from his illegal couch jumping, table jumping, pacing, and pooing. He’s had quite a full day.