Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sam's Recovery Day 55: 21 February 2007

It occured to me this morning that I didn't post a Sam update... well, there's really nothing to report with him. He's done with his Doxy antibiotics so we guess that means that his Lyme disease has been defeated. We'll have some blood work done when he's completely off all medications and prior to his booster shots to make sure of that. He's still on 5mg Pred once a day, which should be reduced to every other day next week.

It does seem as though he's not leaking either as much or not at all when he sleeps. We're very happy about that, as well as having him need to drink so much water because of the pred.

Now that the weather has melted the glacier in our yard, we still sling him to help him up the three steps and then release him from the sling to walk around on his own. He's leaning still a bit to the left when he walks, just the back end swinging around ever so slightly, but he is starting to correct that. He still curls to the left on the backside when he eats or drinks, but he's starting to correct that as well.

He slept on the aero bed with hubby all happy and content, eating well, being a husky by annoying me.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that he's getting so much back to normal that I'm going to stop doing the daily updates. Although he has some more recovery to go through, we are now in the returning to normal routine and getting our sweet, considerate, and somewhat evil Sam back, so every day is becoming just a normal day with him... and for that we are ever so grateful to Dr. Schueller and his staff, the staff of the Catonsville Vet ER clinic, the folks at CVS, and everyone that has been reading Sam's recovery postings.

I will continue to post milestones and special events (like the meeting of the pups), but I don't see any reason to post "he's fine, took a poo, tried to jump on the table" when that happens every day now.

I hope my writing or our experience with Sam's recovery is helpful to someone who, unfortunately, finds themselves in a recovery situation. I only hope that they experience the same caring, concern, professional help, and support that Sam and our family has received from everyone.

So, back to posting gimpy dogs in need, educational articles, and yes, milestones for Sam as he cruises his way back 100% healed and husky.

thank you everyone