Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Laryngeal Issues

Dogs can sometimes choke on food or water, cough after eating or drinking, or have breathing issues. Sometimes these "symptoms" are just a dog eating or drinking too fast, or like most humans, swallow "wrong". Sometimes these symptoms could be due to something more serious.

If your dog has been diagnosed with the laryngeal paralysis or trachea collapse, here are some resources to find out more about these issues:

Laryngeal Paralysis

Trachea Collapse

One Newfie's experience (questions and answers from an owner to their Neurologist)


Marvistavet link to Megaesophagus

A cool video of how one dog has learned how to eat with Megaesophagus

If you want to join a support group to find out more:

Yorkie Angel Patrol Collapsing Trachea Support Forum

Collapsing Trachea support group

Laryngeal Paralysis support group

Tracheotomy group

Megaesophagus Support Group