Friday, August 15, 2008

Reverse Sneezing

My dog was making this horrible noise and I was sure she/he was choking or dying!
I think my dog is having a seizure because he/she was making this horrible noise and couldn't seem to breathe right!

If there is one sure fire freak out time, its when your dog is making horrible noises and can't seem to breathe. Maybe they are even pawing at their nose or mouth. I get people asking me all the time what a reverse sneeze is and what it sounds like. Frankly, its virtually impossible to describe it by writing about it, unless you describe it as sounding like someone trying to hack up a big loogie, but there are variations of the reverse sneeze that words simply can't describe.

To answer your next question: should I rub their nose, hold their nose shut, stick my hand down their throat, rub their neck, rub their throat, etc. to make it go away? Eh, I don't know if any of that actually helps, but hey, whatever makes you feel better (except the sticking your hand down their throat thing).

Thankfully, dog owners have captured their dogs in mid reverse sneeze, so I bring you... the concert of reverse sneezing. You may want to pass on the popcorn for this one:

A pug reverse sneezing

Boston Terrier reverse sneezing

A golden reverse sneezing

Not to be confused with a dog with kennel cough