Friday, August 19, 2011

Spleen Issues

Recently a member of the gimpydog mail list had a question regarding cancer of the spleen and what were the prognosis and treatments.

The following links will provide you with reputable information about masses in the spleen and other spleen issues to help you learn more about the condition and treatment.

Splenic Masses in dogs

Tumors of the Spleen in Dogs

Splenomegaly and Splenic Torsion: Tucker's Story

Video of Splenic Tumor Ultrasound Diagnosis from Tripawds

Visceral Hemangiosarcoma in dogs (specifically spleen)

Splenic Diseases

ACVS resource for Splenic Masses

Canine Cancer Awareness Org Vicsceral Hemangiosarcoma page

Canine Cancer Awareness Org support groups

Support groups are a fantastic way to not only learn about diseases that may affect your dog, but will also provide you with first hand experience with what you are also going through, and sympathetic members who can help you through the process.