Saturday, February 04, 2012

Orthopedic Issues

Dyslplasia is most often a genetic defect passed on from the parents or from somewhere along the dog's lineage.

Dysplasia can be very debilitating, and in the past was a death sentence to the dog that had it. Now, thanks to medical breakthroughs, hip replacement or other surgeries can be performed to provide the dog with pain-free movement, but those surgeries do come with a hefty price and a long recovery time.

Some common myths about dysplasia:

dysplasia is caused by arthritis.

FALSE: dysplasia often causes arthritis

It will go away or get better on its own.

FALSE: it will only get worse if not treated.

Dysplasia is a death sentence.

FALSE: it can be treated successfully through surgery.

Dysplasia only happens in the hips.

FALSE, elbows and other joints can by dysplasic.


Using Carts to help dogs with leg, hip, spine issues heal:



Elbow Dysplasia


Hip Dysplasia

Knee Injury


Musculoskeletal System

Pain Management and Rehab

Patellar Luxation

Swimming Puppy Syndrome

Total Hip Replacement



Wobbler Syndrome

Home rehabilitation instructions
Pretty good page that allows you to download free rehabilitation guide for certain orthopedic procedures

Support Groups

Wobblers Syndrom Support Group

TPO Support Group

Hip Dysplasia Support Group