Saturday, February 02, 2013

Conservative Management

What do you do if your dog is NOT a good candidate for surgery and suffers from a debilitating injury?

For some dog owners, they are faced with a very difficult decision.  Do they allow their dog to suffer with the pain of the injury, or put them to sleep?

Back in the "old" days, before technological advances, hip dysplasia was a death sentence.  Then came the various hip replacement surgeries... but once again, what if you dog wasn't a candidate?  Along came carts!

Blown ACL seems to be getting more and more common... ok, so maybe because it has happened to one of my dogs (the $15,500 Bionic Siberian Husky, Sam) I'm a bit hypersensitive to all of you who have wrote asking about the procedure, recovery, and prognosis.

But once again, what happens if for some reason, like epilepsy, or another condition, your dog couldn't have the repair performed.  Having blown out my own knee, I can tell you it is NOT a pleasant thing to walk on, so what are your alternatives?

Back in the "old" days, once again, you might have to make a very difficult decision... but thankfully new devices and help aids are out there to take the life ending decision away.

A friend and fellow blogger has gone through a double ACL tear in one dog, and now one in her Epi dog Gibson.

Conservative Management, in a nutshell, is dealing with something without surgery.  It is also called "Supportive Care".  Finding a way to ease the pain while still giving your Gimpy a pain free life is much easier now with the medical advances in splints, supports, and gadgets that are widely available.

Take a look at the FiveSibes™ blog at the cool brace that Gibson is using from WoundWear

This is not Gibson, just a dog modeling the brace
So, if faced with a painful injury that can't be fixed surgically, look around the Web or come and ask us.  There may be non-surgical ways to make your gimpy comfortable, and have quality of life despite a setback.